Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Farley Foundation Reaches Charitable Milestone

TORONTO, Jan. 19 /CNW/ - In celebration of surpassing its first $1 million in disbursements to help people in need pay for the necessary veterinary care of their pets, the Farley Foundation is asking all pet owners and members of the media to spread the word about our amazing charitable work through Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts with the following message:
"Help spread the word. The Farley Foundation has reached a major milestone by disbursing its first $1million to help thousands of pets across Ontario. 
"We've come a long way in a relatively short period of time," says Dr. Mark Gemmill, President of the Farley Foundation. "When we first opened our doors in 2002, we had hoped to provide Ontario veterinarians with the opportunity to direct some of their benevolent work to assist the neediest pet owners in our communities.
"Clearly, the Foundation has struck a chord with Ontarians who understand the bond that exists between people and their pets. This has given us the momentum and the financial ability to assist nearly 3,000 sick or injured pets belonging to people who benefit most from pet ownership, including disabled individuals, seniors and women at risk of abuse."
Carole, an Ontario Disability Support Payment recipient, is just one of many funding recipients who credits the Farley Foundation with helping to save the life of her cat. "My best friend Rainbow, a 3-year-old calico suddenly became very ill. I called the vet she had seen with a previous owner, and they asked me to bring her in which I did.  I was completely at a loss to how I would pay to have her looked at, let alone fix her.  
I paid for an antibiotic and a visit and her infection continued. Obviously surgery was inevitable. I thought I would have to have her put to down, because as I am on ODSP, there would be no possible way for me to pay for surgery. The veterinarian was wonderful and made a call to the Farley Foundation. Days later I was accepted and Rainbow was scheduled for surgery. They covered the entire cost less than two weeks before Christmas, and saved my best friend's life. She is doing great and I am grateful for the Farley Foundation."
"By simply cutting and pasting the above message into your social media account, pet owners have the potential to raise the bar even higher," says Dr. Gemmill. "The more people who know about the Farley Foundation, the more people who will know that help is available in Ontario, and the more people and pets we will be able to assist."
To date, the Farley Foundation has assisted,
Dogs - 1570
Cats - 1098
Rabbits - 8
Birds - 7
Ferrets - 4
Rats - 3
Snake - 1
Horse - 1
Chinchilla - 1
Bearded Dragon - 1
Guinea Pig - 1
Hamster - 1

About Farley Foundation
The Farley Foundation assists seniors (in receipt of the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement), disabled individuals (in receipt of the Ontario Disability Support Payment or CPP Disability), and women at risk of abuse (who are participating in OVMA's SafePet Program) by subsidizing the cost of non-elective veterinary care for their pets. Established in 2001 by OVMA, the Foundation has distributed over $1,000,000 to assist over 2,700 pet owners and their pets. Pet owners looking for assistance should speak directly with a veterinarian. For full details visit
About OVMA's SafePet Program
OVMA's SafePet Program assists women at risk of abuse (and their children) who are entering women's shelters to make the final decision to leave abusive situations by providing temporary housing and care for their pets while they are in women's shelters. Women seeking shelter should contact a local women's shelter or call 1.866.863.0511 (TTY 1.866.863.7868). Individuals interested in becoming pet foster parents should contact a local veterinarian or visit for details.