Thursday, November 18, 2010

Resolution To Curb OSPCA Power Defeated In The Legislature

A resolution to dramatically curb the powers afforded to the OSPCA — which has come under intense scrutiny amid a bungled animal-welfare probe in Toronto and a controversial mass euthanasia in Newmarket — was soundly defeated in the provincial legislature Thursday. The resolution, tabled by Progressive Conservative MPP Frank Klees, would have brought the OSPCA under the direct authority of the Community Safety and Correctional Services Ministry to ensure “effective provincial oversight of all animal shelter services in the province.” It also called for a separation of the animal-welfare agency’s sweeping policing powers and its functions as a charity. “We have an organization, quite frankly, that in some ways is out of control and has to be reined in,” Mr. Klees told the National Post in an interview. “I am obviously very disappointed [by the vote],” he said. “I really was optimistic that the government members would consider all the evidence of the need for a review of the OSPCA Act.” The 24-17 vote to kill the motion was driven by the Liberal Party, with most of the support for the resolution coming from the Progressive Conservatives and the NDP. In a statement provided in advance of the debate, OSPCA spokeswoman Rosaline Ryan said the society “will abide by whatever decision the vote brings.”

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