Friday, November 12, 2010

Cat Rescued From Trash Bag In Durham

Here’s hoping this cat can come all the way back.

A long-haired tabby named Autumn is recovering in a veterinarian’s clinic in Durham Region after being found Wednesday covered in fleas, emaciated and trapped in a ditch she was too weak to crawl out of after clawing her way out of a sealed garbage bag. Humane Society of Durham Region officials say Autumn is another all too familiar case of animal cruelty but particularly troubling because whoever left her in the ditch literally treated the animal like garbage. Animal cruelty investigator Insp. Debby Houghton said they are reaching out to the public for help finding who threw the cat out. “(Autumn) was tied up in a garbage bag, thank God it got out of there, it would probably have died in there,” Houghton said. “(Autumn) was just thrown in a pile of garbage left to die.” The society got a call about the cat overnight Tuesday saying she had been spotted near a pile of trash that had been tossed on the side of Chalk Lake Rd., near Dagmar Ski Resort, north of Ajax. “A woman said she was going by and she saw this garbage and then she saw this cat laying near the garbage,” Houghton said of the message she didn’t hear until Wednesday morning. “I thought the cat was going to be long gone but I thought I better take a drive up there just to make sure.” She found the cat lying in the garbage near where she escaped the trash bag. “The cat was so emaciated and so weak, after it got out of the back it couldn’t go anywhere because it couldn’t walk,” Houghton said. She pulled a can of cat food out of her truck and the cat started gobbling it up. Autumn — named for the beautiful fall day she was rescued - is now at a local clinic on intravenous fluids and being fed a small amount of food every hour. She is being tested for viruses and a thyroid problem, officials said. While Autumn tries to recover, Houghton is trying to find who neglected her so badly and then left her to die on the side of the country road. “We’re certainly looking if anybody has any information that could help with the investigation,” Houghton said, adding she’s particularly interested to speak to anyone who was in the area Tuesday night. In a twist, the garbage Autumn was tossed with may come back to bite her former owner. investigators are sifting through the trash for any clues and are optimistic they may be able to put a name and a face to the alleged cruelty.

The Toronto Sun

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