Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Entry In The "Pets And Kids" Photo Contest

Hazel & Ginger

Another Entry In The "Pets And Kids" Photo Contest

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My Open Letter To The Premier About The OSPCA Situation

Mr. Premier,

I am writing today as I, and thousands of Ontarians, have simply had enough of the current management and operations at the OSPCA. Since May of this year, when the organization announced its decision to mass euthanize over 100 animals in its care (a decision that disgustingly, the OSPCA hid from the public, and one that would likely not have been publicized had it not been for the caring volunteers who came forward), the OSPCA has continued to dodge the public's request of information and continues to show a lack of transparency. As of the beginning of September, MPPs from over 100 ridings have received THOUSANDS of petitions calling for provincial oversight of the OSPCA. As of this time, several MPPs have read the petitions before the legislature, and several continue to do so. Unfortunately, as of now, NOT ONE LIBERAL has read the petition out loud. I am writing today to ask for an explanation on your behalf. What is the reason that the liberal MPPs are refusing to affix their signature to this petition? Though not legally bound to do so, is there NOT ONE liberal MPP who has the ability to show any sign of moral obligation to his or her constituents, those individuals who helped to put them into power (and who will undoubtedly remember this issue next October when they go to the polls)? Moreover, what exactly is preventing yourself and the current Minister Jim Bradley from reviewing the situation with the OSPCA? Time and time again, the reason stated has been along the lines that the OSPCA has been granted such powers under the OSPCA Act, and that the current government and ministry sees no reason to interfere. If this is the case Mr. Premier, then I ask you : What is it exactly that this government needs to see occur that can change its mind? Would the needless slaughter of 200, or 500 animals suffice? Would a few thousand more petitions help the cause? Indeed I am seeing more and more petitions signed and collected every day on the 40 000 member facebook calling for change at the OSPCA.

Mr. Premier, the individuals voicing their dismay and distrust with the OSPCA are not going to just disappear. They have stood by for too long while witnessing the organization abuse its powers, and they have had enough. It is extremely important to note that these individuals come from differing political ideologies. Some are conservative, and some are liberal, though they are uniting regardless of party lines, as they see this issue as not a political one, but as a moral and ethical one. My question to you Mr. Premier, is when will you and the rest of the liberal party open your eyes and see what your constituents already do?

Gord Macey