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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Photo Contest Winners!!

First Place - Kailey & Jessie

Second Place - Miki, Eros, & Guy

Third Place - Tyler & Oak

Congrats to the winners & all who participated. I will be emailing the winners tomorrow, as well as starting the next contest this week! Happy Halloween everybody :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Pawty At PawsWay This Sunday - BOO!

Join us for an evening filled with games, prizes and tricks for treats, all while trying to impress us with your best costume. 3:00pm - 4:00pm (games, activities in our front space - all sizes/breeds are invited) 4:00 pm 6:00pm Small Breed Off Leash in Dog Park with games/giveaways and best costume contest.

A Great Halloween Walk-A-Thon Raising Funds For Adopt-A-Dog/Save-A-Life

A Few More Pumpkin Carvings!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here Are The Top Ten Entries For The "Pets And Kids" Photo Contest!

Dante & Roxy
Charlotte & Callie
Miki, Eros, & Guy
Julian & Zat
Kailey & Jessie
Tyler & Oak
Tyler, Symba, & Saturn
Quintin & Penelope
Ryan & Buddy
Holly & Chester

From Top To Bottom We Have :

1. Dante & Roxy
2. Charlotte & Callie
3. Miki, Eros, & Guy
4. Julian & Zat
5. Kailey & Jessie
6. Tyler & Oak
7. Tyler, Symbah, & Saturn
8. Quintin & Penelope
9. Ryan & Buddy
10. Holly & Chester

**Voting is now open until October 30th, & you may vote on the top right corner of the blog. Remember to spread the word to your friends, coworkers, & family so they can vote on your behalf, as online voting will account for 25% of the decision. Good luck everyone!!!

Some Hilarious Costumed Dogs Sent In By A Reader....Thanks Erica!

Animals Targeted By Cornwall OSPCA Hidden From Agency

WINCHESTER -- Some 200 dogs and five horses remain "in hiding" this week to prevent removal from a local farm by the Cornwall branch of the Ontario Society for the Prevention for Cruelty to Animals. The animals belong to dog breeder Gilles Legros who called in members of the militant Ontario Landowners Association after being visited recently by OSPCA inspector Bonnie Bishop backed by OPP officers. Acting on a complaint, Bishop wrote several orders against the Legros facility, including one to clip the dogs' toenails, said OLA president Jack MacLaren. Legros subsequently ordered a veterinarian report which concluded his animals were healthy and well cared for.


"The animals were in extremely good shape," said OLA member Shan Carmichael who attended at the farm. "But it's a breeding facility. The dogs aren't treated like house pets." Backed once again by OPP officers, Bishop returned to the farm with a revised order and a 48-hour compliance restriction. OLA members removed the animals before they could be confiscated and subjected to OSPCA boarding fees. In Smiths Falls, $30,000 in fees was chalked up against Essie Barrie after the Lanark Animal Welfare Society charged her with animal cruelty and took away her 32 cats. The case will be heard in Perth court June 3. "The Winchester action has nothing to do with the humane treatment of animals which is the OSPCA legislated mandate," MacLaren said. "It's about the society's unlegislated self-defined ethical view on how many animals a person should own." MacLaren complained even the OPP is in the "OSPCA pocket" and the government has chosen to turn a blind eye against "flagrant abuses by intimidating bullying enforcement officers."


The OLA has made it a priority to take on the OSPCA, especially in light of far-reaching powers confirmed and expanded under the new Animal Welfare Act which permits searches without warrants and greater seizure provisions. Agricultural issues lawyer Don Good, who's trying to broker a solution for Legros, complained the act goes way too far, giving inspectors in some situations more power than police officers.
Bishop said she wasn't at liberty to discuss details of cases which are under investigation. Newmarket-based OSPCA spokeswoman Kristin Williams confirmed a "voluntary solution" is being sought, with emphasis on educating Legros on required animal care standards.

*Ottawa Sun

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some More Great Pumpkin Carvings!

One Reader's Take On The OSPCA Situation - Feel Free To Comment

YOU are a member of the Ontario Legislature, an elected representative of the people of Ontario. As such you recently received (hand delivered to Queen’s Park) legislative petitions from your constituents in support of governmental oversight of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

On November 18th a motion will be tabled. We expect you to support it. It is a non-partisan motion in support of governmental oversight of the OSPCA. It directly affects the safety and well-being of every person and animal across this province.

The OSPCA is a self administered charity, a self funded police force. OSPCA inspectors and volunteer agents have police powers the OPP can only dream of - the right to warrantless entry. THIS IS IN DIRECT VIOLATION OF MY CHARTER RIGHTS.
The OSPCA received 15.5 million in public donations in 2009 plus another 5 million from government. The OSPCA is not subject to Freedom of Information.

Attached is a recent statement by Toronto’s Crown attorney in the wake of the OSPCA’s investigation of the Toronto Humane Society, their largest affiliate and direct competitor. OSPCA senior staff and executives oversaw and conducted the THS investigation, which was arguably the most important in the history of the OSPCA.

If this is how the OSPCA’s finest conduct themselves WITH all of Toronto watching, you can only imagine what rural people and animals are subjected to by the OSPCA.

The people of Ontario have had enough. We are tired of being terrified of the OSPCA. We are tired of them abusing and killing our animals. We are tired of watching them seize healthy animals only to offer them back to the owners in exchange for money. We are tired of the lies and the grandstanding. We are tired of the secrecy and the lawlessness. We’re tired of the belligerence and the lack of training and internal oversight. We are tired of the expensive, inane courtroom battles. The antics of this private, powerful, self-funded provincial police force have gone unchecked for far too long. We demand governmental oversight of the OSPCA before someone gets hurt. Tensions are at an all time high. A farmer in Massey Ontario recently attempted suicide during an OSPCA raid - driven to do so by their bullying and threats. This family’s animals were taken. They have never been charged with animal cruelty. The Hervieux family is suing the OSPCA.  
There is currently a Statement of Claim against the OSPCA by the Belair family. Inspector (Lynn Michaud) is the Timmins and District Humane Society manager, an OSPCA enforcement agent and also a member of the provincial board. She wears three hats. What a total conflict of interest.

Legislation grants the OSPCA extraordinary enforcement powers yet exempts it from oversight, transparency or accountability. That these powers were considered let alone granted after twenty nine OSPCA directors resigned; eight of them begging Premier McGuinty to strip the OSPCA of police powers is shocking.

The province of Ontario has no power over the OSPCA. The Honourable Dwight Duncan, former Minister Bartolucci and Minister Bradley openly admitted this in the Legislature following the events of May 11, 2010.

On that date, the OSPCA confirmed all 350 animals in its Newmarket shelter would be killed. They cited an exceptionally virulent, aggressive, never before seen strain of ringworm. Public outrage ensued and the killing stopped, but not before 102 animals lay dead. Unbelievably, the OSPCA admitted none of the remaining animals tested positive for ringworm. Yet, they would have been slaughtered if the public had not stepped up. The Newmarket “ringworm shelter” remains closed to the public, contaminated and under investigation to this day. Is anyone checking on this, or are you all content to let the OSPCA continue to do as it sees fit?

The following excerpt is from a 2003 ruling naming Tanya Firmage, currently the provincial director of Animal Care, overseer of OSPCA shelters province wide. (see attached)

“As to the seriousness of the breach, I find that this was a breach that was quite serious. The inviolability of an individual's home from improper searches by agents of the state is one of the oldest principles of our law dating back to the Magna Carta. It is a principle that has been reinforced and re-emphasized repeatedly in recent years by the Supreme Court of Canada. A breach of the right to be secure from an unreasonable search of a home is a breach of the highest order.
This is not a technical breach of small importance. If the full facts as to the date of the informant's information were before the Justice of the Peace she could not possibly issue a warrant. The breach then is neither minimal nor technical. I do not hold an inspector for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to the same high standard for search warrant drafting as I would a peace officer. If I did, I would find that the inadequacies of the information in Appendix A are so many and so obvious that only bad faith could explain them.” (R vs Burns Massey JUSTICE P. GRIFFITHS on APRIL 22, 2003, BROCKVILLE, Ontario)

The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services is committed to ensuring that Ontario's communities are supported and protected by law enforcement and public safety systems that are safe, secure, effective, efficient and accountable. That is clearly not the case with the OSPCA.

We therefore ask that you publicly read a petition in support of governmental oversight of the OSPCA.

The people of Ontario will be heard on this matter.

Cesar Millan Coming To Toronto On Monday

Cesar Millan -- the so-called Dog Whisperer -- is probably the most famous canine trainer on the planet, and launches his first Canadian speaking tour in Victoria on Tuesday. There's nothing like getting pet advice from the top dog. Cesar Millan -- the so-called Dog Whisperer -- is probably the most famous canine trainer on the planet, and launches his first Canadian speaking tour in Victoria on Tuesday. Fittingly, for a man boasting rock-star status in the dog-obedience world, Millan presents Cesar Millan Live in a 7,400-seat arena previously host to ZZ Top, Billy Talent and Motley Crue.

Cesar Millan -- the so-called Dog Whisperer -- is probably the most famous canine trainer on the planet, and launches his first Canadian speaking tour in Victoria on Tuesday.Since leaving his native Mexico two decades ago and briefly living on the streets of San Diego (he survived on hotdogs), Milan has become a cultural phenomenon. His TV series on National Geographic Channel, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, is seen in more than 100 countries. He has co-authored six books, including the just-published Cesar's Rules: Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog. Last year, the New York Times reported Millan -- whose Cesar Millan Inc. sells everything from dog food to pet-training DVDs -- is on his way to becoming a $100-million business. As befitting any pop-culture superstar, he has been lampooned on South Park and Saturday Night Live. Millan, a 41-year-old with salt-and-pepper hair, has glamour appeal, too. His celebrity clients include Oprah Winfrey, Nicolas Cage, Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson.
When he phoned recently from his Los Angeles home, I was keen to score free doggie advice from the king of the canines. The problem? Our pug dog, Ollie, has a funny habit. When we take him somewhere in the car and one person leaves the vehicle, he howls and whines. This, despite the fact that other family members are still there to keep him company. "That, to me, says he controls the situation," Millan said immediately. "My question would be: How are the walks? When you take this dog out for a walk, is he next to you or behind you?" "Um ... usually in front," I said. "That means he's the pack leader."

And therein lies the key to the problem. When it comes to dogs, Millan stresses that owners must, at all times, be the pack leader, not the dog. And we must always project "calm, assertive energy" to the animal. Millan typically focuses on the actions of owners as much as on their dogs' behaviour. In Cesar's Rules, he writes: "Like children, dogs are always watching us and learning from our actions and reactions." His training methods recall the British Second World War slogan: "Keep calm and carry on." He said his clients tend to be "very intelligent" and "very emotional." Talking with Millan, one senses that, if dog owners would only be less silly and indulgent, things would go better all around. For Cesar Millan Live, he will talk -- often in a humorous vein -- about common dog problems and his own experiences. Crowd participation is encouraged, although audience members cannot bring pets to the show. He said the first half is about "understanding the psychology behind a dog." He'll also discuss his own uncanny empathy for the species. It was actor Jada Pinkett and her husband Will Smith who tipped Millan on his journey to dog-coaching stardom back in 1994. Impressed with his expertise, they recommended him to showbiz friends. The word spread like a runaway greyhound. One of Millan's clients is Oprah, whose spaniel Sophie was attacking other dogs. To help rehabilitate the animal, he took Sophie for a stroll with six other dogs. Oprah, meanwhile, failed to project calm, assertive energy while observing this exercise. Recalled Millan: "She was very, very scared. This is a woman who is fearless. But when it comes to something so personal (as her dog), this comes out. In the animal world, she's not Oprah. In the animal world, she's the energy she's projecting." When it comes to working with famous Hollywood actors, Millan has no qualms about telling them to get over themselves.
The first thing I say is, 'Your dog doesn't know you're a movie star. You know that, right?'" Being in a position to scold Tinseltown royalty is especially astounding, given Millan's humble origins. He was born in Culiacan, Mexico, to a dirt-poor family. They survived on what they raised: chickens, vegetables, fruit. Millan said that, on the days there was no food, his parents gave them coffee to quell hunger pangs. After crossing the border illegally in 1990, Millan -- then a non-English-speaking 21-year-old -- spent a desperate month living under freeway bridges in San Diego. The homeless formed different "packs;" he avoided those dependent on drugs and alcohol. Millan existed on hotdogs. He could buy two a day for 99 cents. It wasn't so bad. After all, back home in Mexico, hotdogs were a delicacy. "We could only have them ... at Christmas time, or somebody's birthday. In America, I was having hotdogs every day. It was like, 'Whoa, I'm, like, super rich,'" said the Dog Whisperer, laughing quietly.

Canadian appearances include: Victoria Oct. 26; Vancouver Oct. 27 & 28, Nov. 9 & 10; Toronto Nov. 1; Ottawa Nov. 3; Montreal Nov. 4; Edmonton Nov. 6; Calgary Nov. 7; Saskatoon Nov. 13; Winnipeg Nov. 14.

Read more:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Man Beaten Trying To Stop Dog Abuse Dies

LONDON, Ont. - The London, Ont., man reportedly beaten when he tried to stop the abuse of three dogs in his apartment building has died. Dan Palmer, 49, died at London Health Sciences Centre's Victoria hospital Monday afternoon, surrounded by family members who agreed to have him taken off life-support. "It is a real tragic story," said his son, John, 21, of London. "He died for his love of animals, for having a good heart and being a good person." Palmer was found in a stairwell at the nine-storey apartment building across from police headquarters, after officers went there about 1:30 a.m. on Sept. 8 to investigate a report someone was beating dogs in a ninth-floor apartment. The officers heard dogs yelping in pain, then entered an apartment where three dogs were cowering in fear. Police called Animal Control officers to rescue the animals, then arrested Christopher Martin, 26, of London, and charged him with causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal. When police started to walk Martin out to a cruiser, they were confronted by another man who tried to stop them, became belligerent and bit the arresting officer on the hand. The man charged with beating Palmer and biting the officer is Carl Boyer, 26, of London, who is charged with aggravated assault. Police have not said whether charges will be upgraded. As well, a police source has said the beating was not related to the dogs, although residents at the building say Palmer intervened. "For anyone to be beaten like that just for having good morals is sick," said Palmer's son John. "Anyone who can take a human life like that, I think, is a menace to society and should not be a part of it." Residents at the apartment complex said they had seen a man kick at the dogs in the past "for not listening." They described Palmer as a "big-hearted" neighbour and a "special" guy everyone loved.

[email protected]
*The Toronto Sun

Scarborough Animal Shelter Concerned For Feral Cats During Cold Season

The looming cold weather will hinder the fight to control the overpopulation of feral cats in Toronto, experts say. The Toronto Animal Services shelter at 821 Progress Ave. opened a free spay/neuter clinic in August 2010, which operates about six days a month.
Eletta Purdy, Toronto Animal Services manager, says the clinic will run until mid November and is slated to re-open in January, while they’ re-evaluating their trap-neuter-return (TNR) strategy, in which feral cats are sterilized so that they can’t produce offspring and then returned to their colonies.

“We may start up earlier than we planned depending on the gathering of more information on the releasing of these cats after they’ve been sterilized,” Purdy said. “We’re just concerned - we wouldn’t want to see them be released back into the cold and suffer because of the surgery.” Purdy says that they renovated existing space at the shelter for the spay/neuter clinic for feral cats and pets that are put up for adoption, as they couldn’t afforded to have a new building. She says the city pays for the staffing of the clinic and donations fund the supplies to perform surgeries. “If we want to expand it, we’ll have to look at donations for staffing also,” Purdy said. “Hopefully [donations] will start to go up and then we’ll be able to continue with the clinic. But right now we’re O.K. for this year.”

Kathy Quinn, a Toronto Animal Services supervisor, says the service is “the first of its kind in North America.” Since 2008, the Toronto Feral Cat Project has also helped in the fight to control the overpopulation of Toronto’s feral cats. The organization’s goal is to educate the public on the TNR strategy, as it’s the only proven method of long-term population control, said Roxanne St. Germain, a public relations and education officer of the Toronto Feral Cat Project. She says TNR is the most humane way to deal with feral cats, as all of them can’t be rescued since they’re too many. As well, most are not “sociable,” and therefore they can’t be adopted. St. Germain says the opening of the spay/neuter clinic is a “huge step for the city of Toronto” and people are taking advantage of it as it’s a financial burden to feed cats and get them spayed or neutered. “There are so many people calling trying to get appointments to trap and bring their cats in for spay and neuter at that clinic,” St. Germain said. “So it’s really important that we put pressure on the city of Toronto to fund this solution because it’s the only solution that will work. “It’s really important that the city councillors and the new mayor really take this as an important issue and really allocate some funds and an ongoing commitment surrounding feral cat clinics at the Toronto Animal Services.”

Feral cat caretakers have to register their colony on the Toronto Feral Cat Project’s website and take TNR training sessions to be eligible to go to the Toronto Animal Services’ free clinic, St. Germain said. The Toronto Feral Cat Project works closely with the Toronto Humane Society, which held an event Oct. 16 for Nation Feral Cat Day with workshops to teach people about TNR. “It’s really important that everybody works as a community,” St. Germain said. “You need people, you need organizations, local communities, districts, and the city to be involved - it’s a right-across-the-board project.” She says there are workshops as well as support groups. “And we have a support group that [people] can join and it’s really beneficial because it’s very stressful to take care of a colony of cats,” St. Germain said. “You have to be there every day. It’s financially stressful, it’s a time constraint, emotionally very hard on a lot of the people who take care of these cat colonies, because cats are just vulnerable and they get killed and they get hurt and they get sick.” St. Germain says the organization has a Toronto feral cat survey and they’re asking people to register colonies on their website, which is kept confidential, as they’re trying to find out how many cat colonies exist in Toronto. She says it’s also a way to back up their claims when they ask for funding from the government. The Toronto Feral Cat Project will be ongoing indefinitely, while the organization is in the process of deciding whether it’s going to become a charitable organization or non-profit group, St. Germain said.

*The Toronto Observer

A Reader Submitted List Of The 10 Most Memorable White House Pets

U.S. presidents may be tough, determined and incredibly busy individuals, but almost every commander in chief has owned at least one pet during their presidency. Presidents have shown their softer side by owning a wide variety of animals, such as dogs, cats, horses, birds, cows and even goats that have become famous in their own right. Presidential pets help set each first family apart and provide presidents with some form of normalcy in a life full of responsibility and chaos. Here are the 10 most memorable White House pets:
  1. Millie: Millie was President George H. W. Bush's springer spaniel, who's arguably the most famous dog to ever scamper on the White House lawn. Millie is the first presidential pet to write a dogobiography about life in the White House, where she gave birth to six puppies and sat in during the first lady's children's book readings. Although Millie died of pneumonia in 1997 at the age of 12, her legend continues to live on with a commemorative dog park named after her in Houston.
  2. Socks: Socks the cat belonged to President Bill Clinton and his family. The friendly feline was rescued by Chelsea Clinton in Arkansas and lived in the governor's mansion before making the move to the White House. Socks was known for being as cool as a cucumber, and even tolerant of Buddy, the family's brown Labrador retriever. Socks was often seen sleeping in a blue striped chair next to Betty Currie, Clinton's personal secretary and future owner. When the Clintons left the White House, Currie became Socks' new owner and she kept him at her house in Hollywood, Maryland. In 2009, Socks was put to sleep because he was suffering from throat cancer and was believed to be about 20 years old.
  3. Laddie Boy: Laddie Boy, an Airedale terrier, owned by President Warren Harding was quite a famous presidential pooch. Laddie Boy loved to fetch, especially when Harding played golf and hit a tree where Laddie Boy could sniff it out. The beloved dog even had his own hand-carved chair for sitting in on cabinet meetings, and newspapers ran mock interviews with the dog. The President and Laddie Boy were so close that the pooch supposedly howled nonstop for three days before his master's death in a San Francisco hotel. Today, President Harding and his prized pup are celebrated with a statue of Laddie Boy made from approximately 19,134 melted pennies, which resides in the Smithsonian Institution.
  4. Rex: Rex was President Ronald Reagan and Nancy's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who became a fun-loving symbol for the Reagan presidency. The adorable pup was given to the President by conservative commentator William F. Buckley, Jr., and then given as a Christmas present to Nancy in 1985. Rex is named after Rex Scouten, a former White House Chief Usher, who retired during Reagan's presidency. Rex received some national attention when he helped to throw the switch that lit the National Christmas Tree, but was best known for being a pampered pooch, who had a customized doghouse with curtains and framed portraits of the Reagans. Rex also played a major role in the popularization of the breed in America. In his later life, Rex developed an enlarged heart and was euthanized at 13 years old.
  5. Barney: Barney is President George W. Bush and Laura's Scottish terrier, who was best known as the "First Dog." The handsome black terrier could be seen playing with volleyballs, soccer balls and golf balls around the White House lawn, and enjoyed watching horseshoes games. Barney is even an accomplished actor, making his appearance in several Barneycam films that were produced by the White House Staff. The presidential pup got a surprise in 2005, when Miss Beazley, another Scottish terrier and Barney's niece, joined the Bush family. Today, Barney is 10 years old and kicking back with Miss Beazley and the Bushes in Texas.
  6. Him and Her: President Lyndon B. Johnson's brother-sister beagles, Him and Her, were some of the most memorable White House dogs. The pair loved to play with their master on the White House lawn and go on walks while Johnson talked with the press. Johnson received a great deal of flack when he was photographed lifting Him by the ears in front of a group. Him was the father of a litter of puppies and Johnson's daughter, Luci, kept two of them. Sadly, Her died in 1965 at the White House after swallowing a stone, and Him dies in 1966 after being hit by a car while chasing a squirrel.
  7. Checkers: Checkers was President Richard Nixon's American cocker spaniel, who was given to the family by a Texas supporter who read that the president's daughters wanted a dog. But it wasn't just the cute and cuddly face of Checkers that made her an iconic presidential pet, but rather Nixon's famous "Checkers Speech." When Nixon was running for vice president on Dwight Eisenhower's presidential ticket, he was being questioned about his use of campaign donations. In order to remain on the ticket and save his then clean record, he made a television address to defend himself, making sure to note that the one gift he won't give back is the family cocker spaniel, Checkers. Checkers has been credited for saving the politician's public appearance and keeping him on the ticket.
  8. Liberty: Liberty was President Gerald Ford's golden retriever, who was given to him by his daughter Susan Ford. Liberty was a lively dog and often photographed with her master at the swimming pool, in the Oval Office and at Camp David. The registered purebred gave birth to a litter of puppies at the White House and the family kept one of them, named Misty. It was even said that Ford used Liberty to end conversations and distract guests by wagging her tail to be petted.
  9. Macaroni: Macaroni was President John F. Kennedy and the family's pony. Macaroni was a gift from Lyndon Johnson to Caroline Kennedy when she was five years old. Despite the fact that JFK was severely allergic to animal hair of any kind, he still encouraged his family to ride horses and own animals. The precious pony would sometimes roam freely on the White House grounds, but mostly lived on a farm in Virginia with the rest of the Kennedy's horses.
  10. Tiger (Tige): Tiger, also known as Tige, was one of President Calvin Coolidge's cats who lived in the White House. Tige was an alley cat and Coolidge enjoyed wearing him around his neck. He was known for exploring the White House grounds, even escaping all the way to the Lincoln memorial. It wasn't long after that when Tige disappeared from the White House and never returned.
*Online Certificate Programs

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's That Time Of Year...Marcia Leeder Photography Is Booking Holiday Sessions!

Our resident photography guest blogger Marcia is now taking bookings for her "Holiday Gift Card" sessions. It's a fantastic reason to get the family (and pets!) together to create a moment (or longer, depending on how organized the kids are!) that you can cherish forever. Here's hoping that your experience comes together a tad better than the one Claire organized on last year's finale of Modern Family. Make sure to book early so you can send out those great cards to your loved ones.

Marcia is a custom portrait photographer specializing in animals, children and the families who love them. Working entirely on location, Marcia is known for her uniquely organic approach to the standard portrait session, allowing every personality to shine. Available for commercial, editorial and private commissions in Toronto, Ontario and beyond.

For more info & contact information, visit Marcia's blog.

Dog Dies After Being Shot With Crossbow

NORTH BAY, Ont. — Kumo, a four-year-old Husky, was shot with a crossbow and died at an emergency hospital for animals in Barrie, Ont., over the weekend. “He was the most friendly dog in the world. He was my best friend,” owner Ron Warman said Monday morning. “It’s so frustrating that someone can get away with this and there’s nothing I can do. The only thing Kumo is guilty of is being too friendly. He was a big suck.”
Warman said he brought his dog with him to cut wood on his 100-acre property. “When I was finished I called for him and I could see him walking toward me with an arrow in him.” Warman said the arrow went through Kumo’s right shoulder, narrowly missing his heart and pierced out his side near his back left leg. “There was blood all down his legs. When I ran to him he just collapsed.” Warman brought his dog to the Airport Animal Clinic in North Bay, Ont.. Kumo was then rushed to the Huronia Veterinarian Emergency Clinic in Barrie.
“He died on the operating table,” Warman said. “He lasted eight hours after he was shot, and even through all that pain he was a good dog.” Paul Sidhu, a veterinarian at Airport Animal Clinic, said this is one of the most careless things he’s seen done to an animal. He said the dog came into the clinic with the arrow still in its body and bleeding badly. “It looks like the dog was shot at close range,” Sidhu said. “People shouldn’t be shooting a firearm unless they know what they’re shooting at.” Sgt. Al Gardiner said Ontario Provincial Police have a suspect and are investigating. “I understand the frustration of the dog owners. We’ve been consulting the OPP forensic identification unit to see if there’s anymore we can do to help our case.” Warman said his advice to other dog owners is to tie up their pets if there are hunters around. “We’re so upset over this,” he said. “We can’t sleep. There's so much frustration and there’s nothing we can do. We don’t want another family to have to go through this.”

[email protected]

*The Toronto Sun

Memorial & Blessing Of Animals

Under sunny skies this afternoon animal lovers gathered in Lions Club Park in Newmarket to remember the 102 animals killed last May by the OSPCA. The OSPCA York Region Shelter south of Newmarket planned to euthanize all the animals at the shelter (over 300) due to an alleged serious ringworm outbreak. A huge outcry and protests by both the public and Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees stopped the unnecessary killing, but 102 animals were already killed before the OSPCA stopped the mass killing.
A memorial tent was on site at the park today, with photos of some of the 102 animals killed in May and a guest book for condolences. The park was full of dogs - small and large, all basking in the the warmth of a glorious fall day. A special surprise guest - a 40-year old Arabian horse named Prince owned by Kat Chapman led the parade of animals across the street to St. Paul’s Anglican Church where each animal received an individual blessing from Rev. Sheppard. Ms. Chapman had rescued Prince from a neglected and abused life and nursed the beautiful horse back to health. Dave Walker - Co-Chair of the Richmond Hill K9 Klub opened the event with a thoughtful speech, followed by event organizer Lynn Perrier of Richmond Hill and Sunny Reuter who lost her dog in 2003 when the OSPCA seized and killed it while Ms. Reuter was on vacation. Volunteers and attendees of the event told the Newmarket Free Press that they are committed to fighting for animal rights in Ontario and will continue to gather signatures on petitions to change legislation.  Thousands of signatures have already been collected on petitions from all across Ontario. The petition asking for a review of oversight and accountability of the OSPCA can be read and downloaded from

*Newmarket Free Press

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Emaciated Dog Expected To Survive

The Humane Society of Durham Region is looking to speak to a woman who turned in an emaciated puppy to the shelter on Saturday afternoon. The four-month-old boxer pup was extremely dehydrated and “skin and bones” when she was found abandoned in a dirty and dilapidated crate at a park in Ajax or Oshawa hours before the mystery woman turned the dog into the shelter, animal cruelty investigator Debbie Houghton said Monday. “The carrier was really dirty, so I think the puppy lived in there for a long time,” Houghton said. “The door was missing and it was stuffed with a dirty blanket and it couldn’t move. The dog probably hadn’t had water for days. We’d like to speak to the woman who brought the puppy in just so I can get more details of who could’ve been responsible for the horrible condition that this animal’s in.”
Once the brown and white puppy — who has since been named Faith — was brought to the clinic, she went to the emergency clinic and was hooked up to intravenous tube to help with re-hydrating her. “She can’t even stand up because she’s so emaciated,” Houghton said. “She’s eating, drinking and showing signs that she’s feeling safe.” Houghton said the pooch also had sores on its feet and on the side of its leg, indicating the animal would’ve been contained in a dirty carrier - which had faeces on the side of it - and left there for a long period of time. “Whoever left her in the park...for the puppy to get in the condition it’s in now, takes some time. Even if it was abandoned in the park for a day, I just can’t see that happening,” Houghton said. “I suspect when the carrier was found, it was the same day it was placed in the park.” The HSDR is working hard to get Faith back to normal. Eventually, the dog will be strong enough to enter a foster home and later be ready for adoption.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Humane Society of Durham Region at 905-433-2022 ext. 2.

**The Toronto Sun

October Newsletter from "When Hounds Fly"

What a great summer we had!  Hope you are staying warm with the cool fall weather. Here's what's new at When Hounds Fly:
Pardon the Construction!  Expanding our Training Hall

Over the Thanksgiving long weekend, we knocked down the partition wall that was dividing the space at 1108 Dundas and students attending class now can enjoy a training hall that is now more than double the size of the training space that we had previously!  Our flooring is being upgraded to 3/4" thick foam matting as well, so with both the improved flooring and the significantly increased space, there's never been a better time to come back for more!

Furthering Your Dog's Education - Easier Than Ever
We've revised the curriculum so that if you have already completed Puppy Socialization or Basic Obedience, the next level of training is now only 30 days in length.  Hopefully this makes it easier to fit dog training into your hectic schedule.  Basic Obedience for Puppy Socialization Grads focuses on teaching patience (doggie zen and relaxation protocol), precision walking (loose leash walking and heel), and additional recall exercises.  Intermediate and Advanced students work on more difficult behaviors like a retrieve, hind-end awareness, and advanced concepts like names of objects.

With the expanded space we are also working on hard on bringing new programs and activities for you and your dog.  Stay tuned!

New "Drop-in" Tuesday Night Class; Pay What You Can - All Proceeds to Big on Beagles (BOB)

Past students take note!  Starting in November, to help raise funds for our favorite rescue organization (BOB - Big on Beagles) we will be running a Pay What You Can class at 7pm on Tuesday nights.  Suggested donation is $10 per dog but more is welcome.  Any past student of either Puppy Socialization, Basic Obedience, or Private Lessons can come.

Big on Beagles is a grassroots Toronto-based rescue that specializes in senior Beagles that are down on their luck.  Their annual fundraiser is coming up on Sunday, November 28, from 2-4pm and it's being held at the Pawsway this year.  You can read more about Big on Beagles at

Here's the catch!  This single weekly class will be limited to only two dogs because I will be there as a student myself - training Petey, my rescue beagle from BOB.  The classes' lesson that evening will be whatever I am working on right now with Petey, so it might range from a brush-up on basic work to advanced work like compound behaviors or discrimination.  So, you won't have any say in what behaviors I teach that night - you'll just have to follow Petey!  Petey needs training!!!

Email if you are interested in finding out more about our new Tuesday "Petey Needs Training" PWYC class!

Halloween - A Blessing and a Curse for your Dog Halloween can be a tremendous opportunity for socialization your puppy, but it can also be a nightmare too.  Consider the following and keep your dog safe:

  1. Trick-or-treaters - Handing out candy at the door with your dog can be a great opportunity to socialize a young dog to a wide variety of visitors.  Keep your dog tethered so he can't dash out the door, but it's also a great way to get your puppy used to visitors at the door.  Keep yummy treats with you and feed your puppy every time someone visits.
  2. Fireworks - keep your puppy busy working on their favorite kong or chew while the fireworks go off.  If your dog is noise-sensitive, consider closing all the windows and leaving the radio on (classical music is known to be calming) and let them rest somewhere safe while working on their favorite chew.  Anti-anxiety treatments like Rescue Remedy or a Thundershirt can also help noise-sensitive dogs.
  3. Chocolate - It's not a myth; chocolate is toxic to dogs.  Keep your stash away from your dog's reach and watch out for discarded candy the day after Halloween.
  4. Jack-o-lanterns - Make sure your dog doesn't eat your pumpkin (it's not toxic but you'll pay for it on the next stoop and scoop) or knock over the candle that may be inside.  Consider using a battery powered candle instead.

As always stay in touch!  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter - and send us a note any time letting us know how your dog is doing!

Clicks and Tailwags,


Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Wonderful Reader Story About One Woman's Awesome Mission To Help Her Sweet Doggy!

Bubba is a 4year old bulldog who needs cruciate ligament surgery. Bubba's owner is a university student putting herself through school. Trying to make it on her own. Bubba is her family. The surgery costs $4,000.
We're trying to help Bubba get the surgery he needs so he can have a good life with his family.  We're raffling 7 cakes and a basket of baked goods made by some of the best bakers in the Twitterverse to raise money for Bubba. You can make a donation just off to the right. Every donation of $5 or more puts your name in the raffle.
A little while ago, Bubba's owner put an ad in craigslist asking for help. She wrote that she knew it sounded like a scam, but she was willing to provide the name of the vet so people could follow up if they weren't sure.
And all she wanted was for Bubba to have his surgery and not have to be put down. So Mari (@marimoreshead on Twitter) sends me the ad about Bubba and asks "what do you think?". And follows up with an email to Bubba's owner. Mari confirms everything with the vet. Finds out that $1,300 has been raised so far. Bubba is seeing the vet on the 25th of October and then a surgery date will be set. Bubba's owner is doing whatever she can. She's been fundraising, asking friends, family, strangers for help. And so Mari and I thought... if Bubba's owner is willing to put it out there to ask for help, why not use that awesome Twitter magic to help Bubba? As simple as it seems, I think Mari found this ad and showed it to me so that we could help Bubba. Thats the feeling I get. And the only way I know how to do this is to ask all those awesome people I know to help us reach the goal of $4,000 to pay for Bubba's surgery.
Mari has collected some delicious cakes from some equally delicious bakers and we're offering them up for raffle! Make a donation and you'll have a chance to win a cake!  Unfortunately, we can't deliver outside of Toronto, but if you're not in Toronto and you win, you can donate your cake to someone who does live in the city.  And if you can't give anything, then if you can help spread the word and send some good thoughts Bubba's way, that would be equally incredible. We've got a facebook page to keep you updated on Bubba and his progress.  You can find that here, and from the menu at the top.
We've kept the name of the vet and Bubba's owner confidential to protect their privacy. If you have any questions, please contact us.

A Tremendous New Resource In The City For Locating Lost Pets

If you have ever lost your pet, you know the instant panic. It can happen to anyone. Even well trained dogs can be spooked and run in fear. Be sure to have a tag with your contact information on your pet’s collar as well as have your pet micro-chipped. These are the two best actions you can take to ensure you find your pet.

But a chip can malfunction and a tag can be lost and for pets that have neither then what. It’s a fact that 1 in every 5 pets will be lost at some time in their life. 

There is currently no central place to post a lost or found pet.  Frantic owners post on countless websites, send emails and spent hours putting up posters. There’s no easy way to contact people willing to help in the area where the pet was lost.

My solution to the problem is to merge technology and dedicated pet lovers. The first release of Helping Lost Pets or HeLP has been launched. HeLP is a central online database where lost or found pets can be posted. It features a map so you can visually see where the pet was lost or found. The database can be searched by breed, colour and other parameters.

The second part of the solution is the people. There are thousands of shelters, rescues, veterinarians, trainers, dog walkers, day cares, pet stores and pet lovers that already help when a pet is lost. A central database means the efforts provided by these willing volunteers will be more effective. People can set their user profile to alert them when a pet is lost in their area. Or they may choose to receive an alert about a specific breed of pet. Users can look on the map and immediately locate the nearest pet business to them also.

HeLP also allows you to enter your pets profile into the database at any time along with a picture and set the status of your pet to Safe.  If your pet is ever lost, you can change the status to Lost and within minutes posters and alerts will be on their way to other HeLP members in that area.

The key to making HeLP a success is to build the membership base.  It’s easy to use, it’s powerful and it’s also free. And with features like organizing a search party, and a mobile app for your phone, HeLP is available to help you if you ever loose your pet. 

About Rob Goddard
Rob is a software developer and also President of Helping Homeless Pets. 

**Editor's note : I have joined this site and it truly is magnificent. It is a wonderful centralized resource that will prove to be invaluable in helping those who have lost their beloved pet. I am a friend of Rob's, and I can not say enough great things about him & all the great work that he does towards helping needy pets through the GTA and beyond through his position as President of Helping Homeless Pets. Cheers Rob!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Peter Worthington's Take On The Evergreen Brick Works

Natural environment a casualty at remade Brick Works: Worthington

Increasingly, the place is a horror. And now they charge for parking!

Every weekday, when I drive to and from the Toronto Sun, I pass the site of what used to be the Toronto Brickworks on the Bayview Extension — now re-Christened Evergreen Brick Works, which the Globe and Mail describes as “transformed into a unique urban oasis.” For close to 30 years my wife and I used to walk our dogs down a valley path that skirts the brickworks, and we were pleased when about 20 years ago it was converted into a nature park, complete with fake lakes and ponds that were a magnet for wild ducks, geese, herons, blackbirds, muskrats, turtles and assorted marsh life. It was a joy for dogs, and a refuge for people. Scattered benches, a few wooden walkway bridges, planted trees, water lillies and little in the way of fuss or fanfare. All that is about to end. According to the Globe, the Evergreen people are open for business — “a museum, playground, art gallery, garden, year-round camp, yoga retreat, food market, school and think tank all rolled into one.” No mention in the Globe about wildlife that has been the site’s most enduring attraction. Until now. I guess the nature environment is a casualty. It was always reassuring to see ducks nesting in the spring, swimming and followed by ducklings. Or see Canada Geese swoop on a fake pond, or watch a muskrat swimming with foliage to build a den. Birds of all sorts did their thing. It was a bit of the wild in the heart of the city. Regardless of what the Evergreen people say about preserving nature, common sense tells you that’s unlikely — not with a $55 million capital campaign that includes a 27-metre climbing tower, skating, restaurants and boutiques. So far Ottawa has contributed $20 million, Ontario $10 million, various foundations $18 million. During the renovations and construction, I’ve periodically taken to the trails that are still quiet and relatively serene. Increasingly, the place is a horror. If the expected hordes come (they may not) it’ll be worse for what wildlife remains. No matter what the planners say, that’s a given. And now they charge for parking! I suspect the whole venture is a entrepreneurial scam — talk one way, scheme for another. For example, the Globe quotes planners who say when the Don River floods, water and silt will be funneled through and around buildings “creating a series of Venice-like canals.” Give us a break! I wonder if whoever envisioned “Venice-like canals” in the Brickworks, has ever been to Venice? As for the Don River flooding, it would have to overflow the Bayview Extension to reach the Brickworks. I cannot recall that ever happening, and certainly not every two or three years. More hokum. In fairness, if it weren’t for the uniqueness of the Brickworks as an unspoiled (albeit man-made) reservoir for nature, the Evergreen development might be all the Globe and various publicity ads say it is. The sad thing is that it was already unique, and the revamped site is nothing special, despite National Geographic naming the development as one of the world’s top 10 geo-tourism destinations. The way construction is progressing, the manicured surroundings, the yuppiness — I suspect the site should soon be removed from the National Geographic list. Rather than reason to celebrate, I’d argue what’s underway is a sorry day for Toronto, and certainly for the wildlife that was encouraged to take up residence there.

The Toronto Sun

Another Entry In The "Pets And Kids" Photo Contest

Dante & Roxy

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Entry In The "Pets And Kids" Photo Contest

Hazel & Ginger

Another Entry In The "Pets And Kids" Photo Contest

Stewart & Alexa

My Open Letter To The Premier About The OSPCA Situation

Mr. Premier,

I am writing today as I, and thousands of Ontarians, have simply had enough of the current management and operations at the OSPCA. Since May of this year, when the organization announced its decision to mass euthanize over 100 animals in its care (a decision that disgustingly, the OSPCA hid from the public, and one that would likely not have been publicized had it not been for the caring volunteers who came forward), the OSPCA has continued to dodge the public's request of information and continues to show a lack of transparency. As of the beginning of September, MPPs from over 100 ridings have received THOUSANDS of petitions calling for provincial oversight of the OSPCA. As of this time, several MPPs have read the petitions before the legislature, and several continue to do so. Unfortunately, as of now, NOT ONE LIBERAL has read the petition out loud. I am writing today to ask for an explanation on your behalf. What is the reason that the liberal MPPs are refusing to affix their signature to this petition? Though not legally bound to do so, is there NOT ONE liberal MPP who has the ability to show any sign of moral obligation to his or her constituents, those individuals who helped to put them into power (and who will undoubtedly remember this issue next October when they go to the polls)? Moreover, what exactly is preventing yourself and the current Minister Jim Bradley from reviewing the situation with the OSPCA? Time and time again, the reason stated has been along the lines that the OSPCA has been granted such powers under the OSPCA Act, and that the current government and ministry sees no reason to interfere. If this is the case Mr. Premier, then I ask you : What is it exactly that this government needs to see occur that can change its mind? Would the needless slaughter of 200, or 500 animals suffice? Would a few thousand more petitions help the cause? Indeed I am seeing more and more petitions signed and collected every day on the 40 000 member facebook calling for change at the OSPCA.

Mr. Premier, the individuals voicing their dismay and distrust with the OSPCA are not going to just disappear. They have stood by for too long while witnessing the organization abuse its powers, and they have had enough. It is extremely important to note that these individuals come from differing political ideologies. Some are conservative, and some are liberal, though they are uniting regardless of party lines, as they see this issue as not a political one, but as a moral and ethical one. My question to you Mr. Premier, is when will you and the rest of the liberal party open your eyes and see what your constituents already do?

Gord Macey

Sunday, October 17, 2010