Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Sweet Rescue Story From Reader Nicole Krug

North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee & Georgia.
Tesla is about 4-5 months, a Shepard mix (maybe Doberman?).  She came home with us about 6 weeks ago and is madly in love with her big brother Mousa (rescued about 4 years ago in NC). She’s sprung up from 14 lbs to 21 in the time we’ve had her and though she’s still half Mousa’s size she holds her own in a wrestling match. We’re a two-animal house, and we lost a cat a few months ago, so after settling from NC to the DC area we had just started looking for a new playmate for Mousa.  We found K-9 Lifesavers, and Tesla and a few others had actually just been sent up from rural NC.  She was in a foster situation out in farm with a number of other dogs, so more or less crate trained, but knew nothing about being inside a house nor even what a toy was, but she’s loving life now!

*Editor's note : k9 Lifesavers rescues dogs from high kill shelter south of the border, mostly in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee & Georgia.So if you have any friends or family in those regions looking to adopt, spread the word of this great resource!

A Happy Rescue Story From Reader Rohan Jayasekera

We'd known a veteran street cat (whom my wife Yvonne called Elvis because his mouth was crooked in an Elvis-like sneer) for quite some time and fed him frequently. One day in summer 2004 Elvis showed up together with an neutered orange and white cat, perhaps two years old or so (we couldn't really tell, but he was a young adult for sure), who was clearly out of his element on the street and so Elvis was letting him tag along and leading him to food sources etc.  This new cat was very scared and would look out from behind a fence when we tried to give him food.  He gradually got used to us and started spending most of his time in our back yard, unlike street veteran Elvis who continued to roam.  Yvonne built him a little house, a cardboard box that she reinforced etc., and he settled into it.  She called him Orange Kitty because she didn't want to get too attached to him, but that got shortened to Orange and when it started to get cold late in the year we took him in (he had to endure the stares of our existing four cats, but they got over it) and he's been with us ever since.  Yvonne is sure he had once been with a couple and got lost or something (there were no lost-found cat notices that I could find, and he's not microchipped), because he loves being with the two of us together.