Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pet Sale Ban Debate Delayed

About 20 animal lovers hoping to pitch the city's licensing and standards committee on a ban of cat and dog sales at Toronto pet shops went away unhappy Friday after the committee asked them to come back in January.
"Shame on you," shouted Ken Wood, one of the ban's proponents, after the committee passed a motion pushing the matter off to the New Year.
"You'll read about this in the media."
Wood said later he believed the committee didn't want to deal with a controversy during the civic election campaign, which ends Oct. 25. "I think they just want this to go away."
That's not true, Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wong, the committee vice-chair, said, noting the only thing the committee had was a letter requesting the ban.
With no staff report or recommendations to deal with, the committee would have made the deputants present their arguments only to have to bring them back in the New Year to do it again, he said.
"I'm sympathetic and I think in the end the committee will support the ban," Minnan-Wong said.
Dean Maher, a Ward 20 council candidate, said he proposed the ban to end the trade in puppy and kitten mill-bred animals, and to promote better care and responsible pet ownership. Only a few pet stores in Toronto sell cats and dogs, Maher said. Shelters, breeders and animal rescue societies would still be able to sell or adopt out pets to families who want them, he said. Coun. Rob Ford, running for mayor, voted to let the deputants have their say. "These people have taken time out of their busy day and we should at least hear them," he said.