Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Rally Coverage

Yesterday, a group of us attended a rally at Queen’s Park to support MPP Frank Klees (Newmarket - Aurora) in bringing important amendments to Bill 50 which currently grants sweeping police powers to the OSPCA - powers that have been abused and which were thrust into the public eye most recently with the ringworm outbreak at their Newmarket shelter. You’ll recall that the OSPCA intended, under cover of night, to euthanize all 350 animals for a highly treatable condition. The story was leaked and public outrage halted the killing plans. But not before 102 animals had been put down.
My head is still spinning from the shocking and heartbreaking stories told by speakers at the rally - stories of illegal seizures and police powers.

Frank Klees spoke about the need to take legislative change forward demanding oversight by the Ministry of Community Safety, and the separation of policing powers from sheltering within the OSPCA.
Cheri diNovo (MPP, Parkdale - High Park) was present as a speaker at the Bill 50 rally as well as the Civil Liberties/G-20 rally which followed, and she eloquently pointed out the chilling comparison.

The stories followed.
Susan Pitney recounted the unthinkable seizure of her elderly beagle, Little  One, who is diabetic and blind. This happened last August. A year ago. And Susan has been fighting relentlessly to overturn the OSPCA’s decision and get her companion back. She does not know where Little One is or whether she is still alive.  Read her powerful and heartbreaking story.
Sunny Reuter became interested in provincial animal legislation after the OSPCA seized and killed her dog Arko while she and her daughter were on vacation in August 2003. Arko was a Turkish Akbash dog, a lean white sheep guarding breed. Elderly and thin, he was mistaken for an emaciated Great Pyrenees while being boarded at a Schomberg facility and euthanized hours before Sunny returned. Sunny faced criminal charges which were dropped when she was able to produce a veterinarian’s report verifying Arko’s good health prior to boarding.
Sunny also recounted the story of the “Limping Pig”, whereby a rare 800-pound prize black boar was seized by the OSPCA at Canaan Farm in Niagara. Jack, the boar born with a limp, was inhumanely shot in his pen because the OSPCA assumed he had been abused. The farmer was criminally charged. Those charges were dropped pre-trial.
Sunny’s eloquent remembrance of her dog, Arko, and her summary of the issues with the OSPCA is here and here.
Colleen Hervieux passionately recounted the seizure of the horses on her northern farm and its devastating effect on her family.
As Cheri diNovo stated, “I’m more and more concerned, the more I hear deputants today, that the OSPCA seems to be some kind of rogue organization with no accountability, no oversight from anybody, and, for those who are caught by the OSPCA, no right of appeal.”
Another family had 87 animals seized on a first visit. The father suffered a heart attack immediately thereafter. The animals were ordered returned to the farm by the Animal Care Review Board. The family could not afford to pay OSPCA seizure costs. Criminal charges were laid. The farmer states he pled guilty to a single charge of a dirty budgie cage. The Ontario SPCA is currently suing this family civilly.
The rally was organized by “Reform Ontario Animal Rights” (R.O.A.R.). Join their Facebook page for more background.
Download Frank Klees’ petition here and present the original signed copies to your MPP. Ask your MPP to read the petition into Hansard and notify you when that is done. Although you can forward the signed petitions to Frank Klees, this is preaching to the choir. It’s important to get the word out to your own MPP and ensure that s/he is onside with these important changes to the legislation.

*Taken from redstarcafe

R.O.A.R. Makes Noise at Queen's Park

R.O.A.R. - Reform Ontario Animal Rights organized a protest at Queen's Park today to demand the Ontario government change the legislation governing the OSPCA (Ontario Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

On May 10, 2010 the OSPCA indefinitely shut the doors to its Newmarket head office and shelter due to a virulent strain of ringworm. All 350 animals in the shelter except the turtles would be euthanized. Due to public protest the mass killing was stopped but not before 102 animals were put down.

R.O.A.R. states on their Facebook page that the OSPCA is beginning to collect new animals which they are housing in a trailer on the property. They say the OSPCA described the ringworm outbreak as a matter of public health, yet they have not released information on the condition or care of the remaining and/or new animals or on the safety of the building. 

Newmarket/Aurora MPP Frank Klees (pictured, above) said a "fundamental change" to the legislation was needed. Sunny Reuter of Richmond Hill (pictured, right) gave an emotional speech about the killing of her dog Arko, or 'Snowy' as they called him at the pound. 

The organizers are asking the public to promote and sign this petiton. R.O.A.R. also has a Facebook group you can join.

A Canine Protester at Queen's Park today.