Sunday, July 4, 2010

One Reader Responds To The Cancelled Adoption Blitz

Good morning
Please allow me the opportunity to comment on your article.
I find the headline, Fearing for her life OSPCA staff face death threats very disturbing.
I do believe there were threats but not as severe as the OSPCA tries to make us believe.
I believe there were threats to sever support and donations. Good possibility people called and left angry messages or sent emails voicing disgust. If the threats were genuine, why haven't the OSPCA filed for a court injunction to stop picketing at their facility? Why haven't the police approached these aggressive picketers and questioned them about the death threats?
The OSPCA is trying to garner sympathy by making false accusations and relying on headlines like the above to obtain it.
This is the second time in so many months the OSPCA have ordered mass killing of animals.
The first time was during/after the Toronto Humane Society raid. It was decided by the OSPCA the River Street location will be cleaned and renovated. Can't very well undertake such a project with so many animals in the way now can you? Rather than have an adoption blitz to find forever homes, the OSPCA decided to put the animals down. This created a public uproar. The situation became worse when the public discovered 6 pit bulls, who were slated to be relocated out of Province by a Rescue, were put down. The very same dogs who appeared on the THS adoption page as friendly, good natured dogs, looking for a forever home. Strange when the OSPCA came on board, these dogs began to display serious behavioural issues. When volunteers disputed and spoke up what great dogs they were, the OSPCA then made a comment the Rescue was not credible.
Several months later, the media is tipped off the OSPCA is planning a mass killing again. This time it's their York Region Shelter. I have no doubts the OSPCA, fearing another public backlash, came up with this virulent, aggressive strain of ringworm with hopes it would appease the public. The OSPCA played the public for fools and lost. The public is now outraged.
The OSPCA immediately stopped the killings and promised no more would be put down YET, 3 dogs were put down the next day. The same 3 dogs who were adoptable in April now developed behavioural issues 2 weeks later? Deja Vu?
One dog, Sago, was the OSPCA poster dog in their April issue.
I attached a copy for your review. Please note how the OSPCA raved what a marvelous dog she was. Rescues and caring public came forward to adopt these dogs. OSPCA refused to release. We were heartbroken to discover they were killed. It was leaked that a certain manager ordered them put down out of spite. Do you honestly blame the publics' hostility, anger and outrage towards the OSPCA and this manager?
It appears the OSPCA York Shelter is now undergoing a massive cleanup and renovations. Is this a HUGE coincidence? Is it possible the OSPCA decided to put animals down to clear out the shelter rather than make an effort to to adopt them out? A THS repeat? Makes you wonder?
A member of our Facebook group received a reply from Public Health. They confirmed what we already suspected. The strain of ringworm at the York Region Shelter was not virulent or aggressive. It was a normal strain and did not pose a public health risk. That may answer the question why it took the OSPCA so long to bring in professionals to disinfect the facility?
Tanya Firmage herself stated the virulent spores were everywhere and on everything YET they continued to keep the spay/neuter clinic open. Were they not concerned transferring the spores from the main building to the clinic? Were they not concerned they could infect healthy pets and their owners? They were not because they already knew what the true ringworm situation was.
Regarding the cancellation of the adoption blitz. My opinion? Another ploy to deflect the publics' negativity away from the OSPCA and point fingers at innocent parties.
I attached a picture of the OSPCA spokesperson taken while giving Rogers TV an interview just shortly after the cancellation. Please note the empty cages in the background. Where are the animals? Are you to tell me these animals were transported in then right back out? Anyone involved in rescue knows how stressful that is on animals. If the animals were not transported in, then the adoption blitz was a hoax.
Do you not find it strange this OSPCA worker was not concerned having her picture and name broadcast on TV? I certainly would not allow it if I felt my personal safety was at risk.
There are always 3 sides to a story. Yours, mine and the truth. 
The TRUTH is surfacing with each passing day.
Vets confirmed the animals entrusted to them tested negative for ringworm.
Public Health confirmed the ringworm strain was not virulent/aggressive and a risk to the public.
York Region Police confirm they have not received any complaints of threats from the OSPCA since May 13/10  
In closing. The small group who continually protest at the York Shelter deserve an apology from the OSPCA and the media. I hope one media outlet would take the initiative to report the truth.
May I rely on you?
Thank you for taking the time to read. Greatly appreciated.