Sunday, June 27, 2010

OSPCA Cites "Aggresive Protesters" As Reason For Not Adopting Animals Into Loving Homes

The York Region OSPCA cancelled a weekend adoption blitz due to threats.
Officials announced Friday that an adoption blitz of animals, planned for Saturday, was called off because “a small, yet extremely aggressive group of protesters” increased their “ongoing stream of threats” to staff. The threats came after OSPCA officials announced they were going to adopt out animals from the Newmarket shelter that was shut down due to a ringworm outbreak.
In a press release Friday, OSPCA officials said the threats were also made to members of the public trying to participate in the adoption.
“We are deeply saddened that these individuals claiming to be protesting on behalf of the animals, have actually interfered with the re-homing of the animals,” the OSPCA stated in a press release. “We hoped that their concern for the animals was genuine and that they would have taken the opportunity to support the adoption efforts.”
The animals that were to be adopted were taken to other sites across the province where they will be adopted out.
OSPCA officials were trying to adopt out the animals because they had passed ringworm tests and were deemed healthy, adoptable animals.
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