Monday, June 21, 2010

Pet Rescues In Southern Ontario Are Overwhelmed

The following message comes from Rob Goddard, the President of Helping Homeless Pets. Helping Homeless Pets was established in November 2006 and acts as an umbrella organization for a number of dog rescues in Ontario.
Homeless pets urgently need the assistance of the public to avert a disaster created in part by the current economy and the closures of the Toronto Humane Society Shelter and the OSPCA Shelter in Newmarket.
Details: In the past year, our member rescues have taken in over 1,600 pets. The past couple of months have been especially difficult, with first the THS and, more recently, the OSPCA being forced to close. These closures are due to issues caused by overcrowding in these shelters - and the overcrowding is a direct result of pet overpopulation.
Every day, healthy pets are euthanized across the country for no other reason than there is simply no room or resources to help them. Our adoptions are down, and in the past several weeks we have seen an alarming increase in surrender requests. Our rescues cannot cope with more animals, and we are starting to turn pets away.
Further adding to these problems is the introduction of the HST July 1. This will increase the cost of veterinary care, grooming and training, forcing more people to give up their pets due to cost.
Whilst these problems will not go away overnight, the solution is available, and we are urgently calling upon the public to help. We need more people to adopt and, especially, more people to spay/neuter their pets. We also need people to research the appropriate pet for their families, and not buy pets on impulse. Pets are for life, not until the novelty wears off.
If you have room in your life for an adopted pet, can foster a pet, volunteer your time or make a tax deductible donation to help us pay for veterinary costs, we urge you to contact us.
About Helping Homeless Pets:
Helping Homeless Pets is a non-profit organization created in November 2006 to help pets needing new homes, by directly supporting pet welfare groups. We currently have 31 member organizations, all working together to help homeless pets. Sadly, pets can become homeless for a variety of reasons, including a change in relationship status, owner illness or death, moving house, behavioural issues, abuse, neglect, or lack of financial resources. Rescue organizations help alleviate the immense strain on shelters by taking in animals who require special attention and those who do not adjust well to shelter conditions, or by accepting surrendered animals directly from the public. Our mission is to support legitimate pet rescue organizations by assisting them with services, such as paying for costly medical expenses, thereby allowing them to focus on caring for and finding suitable homes for the pets they have rescued.
Please help us to help them!
For more information, please contact:
Rob Goddard, President
Helping Homeless Pets

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Pawsway Hours Changed Throughout The G20

Looking for something to do during the G20 Summit?

PawsWay is still open to the general public so come on down to check out our Agility Playground, interactive exhibits, pet friendly dining area at Williams Fresh Cafe!

PawsWay is not inside the security perimeter, but due to expected traffic congestion and commuting issues for our staff, we have made minor adjustments to our hours of operation as follows:

Friday, June 25th / 11am - 6pm:
Small Breed Off Leash 4pm - 6pm (Large Breed Off Leash will resume on Friday, July 2nd.)

Saturday, June 26th & Sunday, June 27th / 11am - 4pm:
No Off Leash will be offered this weekend, but instead extra Agility Playground time will be available 12pm - 4pm each day.

Of course, Barack Obama is more than welcome to drop in with Bo, his Portugese Water Dog!