Friday, June 18, 2010

One Reader's Proposal For Change Of The OSPCA

In order to both gain some credibility and trust, the OSPCA needs to show that they are willing to admit that mistakes were made, and that changes will be implemented to ensure that they are accountable to the government and the public.
In the short-term, they need to:
1. Take down the blue tarps that they have put around all the animal pens at the OSPCA Shelter in Newmarket. The tarps are a clear message that they have something to hide and are NOT being transparent as they say. Actions speak louder than words.
2. Although it is already much too late, they need to immediately announce the independent investigation details - who will be the lead, when it will start.
3. They need to appoint several members of the public to a task force and/or to be part of the investigation as observers and to provide feedback and suggestions to a joint review committee.
4. They need to be honest and provide details about questions that have been asked - ex: What testing was done on the ringworm cultures? When was it done? Who conducted the tests? What were the results? They need to provide a detailed breakdown of all the animals that were in the shelter on May 11th and exactly what happened to each of them.
5. They need to admit that the existing system is flawed and support a government review and agree to abide by the recommendations of that review.
Only by showing that they are willing to take these steps, will the OSPCA start on the road to building a credible organization that the public can trust.

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