Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Animal Shelter Still Awaiting Disinfection

Four weeks after the OSPCA said a ringworm outbreak necessitated the killing of 350 animals, the society says it’s still not ready to reopen its Newmarket shelter.
But the OSPCA is working on a fundraising campaign to care for the animals that it decided not to euthanize.
After a massive public outcry, the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said it had “miscommunicated” the number and vowed that not all the animals inside the facility would be killed.
In the end, about 100 cats and dogs were put down while another 96 were already in foster care and another 114 were fostered out to qualified caregivers so they could be tested further.
The shelter will have to be tested three times for ringworm, and it will have to pass all three tests before the green light will be given to reopen, OSPCA spokesman Alison Cross said Monday.
“We’re not setting a date, we’re trying to get the cleaning company to come in, do their job; we’re not sure how long it will take them to do it,” Cross said.
A statement on the OSPCA’s website Sunday stressed the society was doing “everything possible” to disinfect the shelter.
“We are going to do this right,” the OSPCA stated. “While the shelter is closed we are taking the opportunity to do some much-needed renovations to the facility.”
Cross said a fundraising campaign is planned to pay for the costs surrounding the surviving animals. Several companies and donors have reached out to the OSPCA, she said.
“As soon as that is finalized, we’ll let the public know,” Cross said.
Although OSPCA board chairman Rob Godfrey vowed in a May 14 news release that an independent investigator would be appointed by May 28, the society has yet to name an investigator.
“I was told that the board of directors is working really hard to make sure that happens really soon,” Cross said.
The 26 attendants who were laid off when the shelter was emptied remain on temporary layoff, she said.

*Taken from the Toronto Sun

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