Monday, May 31, 2010

THS Reopening Delayed

The new Toronto Humane Society Board of Directors announced today that the River Street shelter will not reopen tomorrow, as originally planned.
The shelter has been closed since April 12, 2010, for cleaning, staff retraining, and the implementation of new policies and procedures.
Although the board says it is "eager to reopen and care for animals as soon as possible," its members need time to meet with the existing THS management and staff "to ascertain the operational capability of the organization and acquaint themselves with the changes enacted during the ... closure."
In the meantime, if you need to surrender an animal, the THS suggests contacting Toronto Animal Services (TAS) or the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA).
This Examiner, on the other hand, implores you to think twice before giving up a cherished family member.
If, however, you absolutely must surrender your pet, please consider a no-kill independent shelter, such as Toronto Cat Rescue or Adopt a Dog/Save a Life, rather than sending it to an uncertain future at TAS, which is required by law to sell animals to research labs, or the OSPCA, which is known to kill adoptable animals.
If you are fostering a THS animal that requires veterinary care, you are directed to contact the Beaches Animal Hospital located at 2304 Queen Street E. in Toronto. Their phone number is 416-690-4040.
 *Taken from The Examiner.

World Pet Memorial Day This Saturday

Sunday, June 6th 11am - 4pm / REMEMBRANCE VIGIL 1pm - 2pm

Communities gather across the world to honour, remember and celebrate their beloved animal companions on World Pet Memorial Day.
This is a day for people, whose grief is often silenced, to come together
and honour the bonds they have shared with their animals in a public forum.


This year’s World Pet Memorial Day is being hosted by People Passionate about Pets in partnership with PawsWay Pet Discovery Centre.

Community groups will be available to share information and resources. For more information about participating groups,
please visit:

Claudia Hehr, Animal Communicator, will be on-site to provide sessions. Contact us to book your session! $30.00 for 10 minutes. Cash Only.

Refreshments courtesy of Gateway Pet Memorial and
Pink Champagne Cupcake Boutique.

Free Keepsake Bags will be given to each family in attendance!
(while supplies last).

Tory MPP Frank Klees Takes Action

Ontario Tory MPP Frank Klees is tabling a motion Monday to bring the OSPCA to heel.
The motion asks the government to amend legislation to ensure that it has oversight of the animal organization.
Klees said the province must split the animal protection enforcement and the charity animal shelter functions of the OSPCA.
"It's a clear conflict; I think the events of the last number of weeks demonstrates that," he said.
Klees is also launching a public petition to support those actions.
The OSPCA came under heavy criticism for opting to euthanize animals with ringworm, a treatable condition, at its Newmarket shelter.
The OSPCA has launched an independent investigation into the incident.

*Taken from the Toronto Sun