Monday, May 3, 2010

Dog Attacked While Walking On the Belt Line Trail

On Sunday April 18th at around 10:00 am on the Belt Line trail between Bathurst and Avenue Rd. near the Roselawn exit, 2 dogs resembling what could be Polish Lowland Sheepdogs viciously attacked a Cockapoo walking beside his owner. They were medium sized dogs, strong, muscular and 35 to 40 lbs with long, straight grey and white coat and long hair on face as well, accompanied by a 40-50 years old male, fit and bald. The man did not have control of the leashed dogs and did not pull them away to stop the attack. The cockapoo’s owner had to push the dogs off herself.
The cockapoo was bloodied from puncture wounds, seriously injured and went into shock.The dog survived the night with emergency vet care and is undergoing surgery today to see what internal organs were punctured. While other people kindly helped the owner care for the injured dog, the man walked away without offering assistance or acknowledging the attack. The vet felt that from the man’s reaction this has happened before and may occur again. We are asking for help to find the owner of these 2 dogs and warn others to be careful.
If you have any information or have encountered this person and his dogs please contact Laila, the injured dog’s owner at [email protected]

**Taken from the Toronto Dog Blog.