Sunday, May 2, 2010

Voting For The Contest

I just wanted to remind you all that reader votes will account for 1/4 of the final decision of the top three, with 1/4 each being allotted to the three judges. So don't panic if you are having a hard time getting votes, as while reader votes will definitely increase your chances, they are not the sole determining factor. Above all, a huge thanks to ALL of you who submitted photos into the contest. I myself am not a judge, and it was sooo hard looking through all the adorable faces that unfortunately did not make the final round. Not to worry though, as I will be having another contest after the summer! Cheers :)


Your Top 13 Photo Submissions!!!

Congratulations to the lucky 13!! I had said "top ten" but the judges had a hard time agreeing (no fisticuffs, don't worry!), so here you have it. Now is the time to go to the top left of the page and vote for you favourite. Remember, you can only vote once, so send the site address to all your friends so they can vote for your guy or girl. Good luck everyone!

From top to bottom we have :

1) Oliver
2) Jiminy Cricket
3) Mickey
4) Dingo
5) Magic
6) Niijii
7) Ella
8) Jonah
9) Marley & Tucker
10) Nala & Pumpkin
11) Bear & Quinn
12) Ben
13) Chase