Saturday, April 24, 2010

Toronto Humane Reopening

The Toronto Humane Society will reopen its doors Monday, more than a month after a number of staff members there were charged with animal cruelty.
The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals raided the headquarters of the THS on Nov. 26 and charged five senior staff — including the agency’s former president, chief veterinarian and general manager — with animal cruelty following a six-month investigation.
At that time, lead investigator Kevin Strooband dubbed the facility a “house of horrors,” after officials said dozens of “disease-infested” animals were left to die in their cages rather than being euthanized. Others were not given adequate food and water.
According to investigators, a mummified cat was also found in the ceiling of the office, stuck in a live trap meant to serve as a humane method of catching the escaped animal — but one that was never checked.
A statement released last Thursday announced public animal adoptions would resume Monday at THS headquarters, located in the east end of Toronto’s downtown core.
“We are excited to be restarting adoptions at this location and that these animals are being given the opportunity to find new, forever homes,” spokesman Ian McConachie said.
The statement said approximately 100 cats and 20 dogs would be available for adoption Monday, with more pets becoming available in the coming days.
Some staff were permitted to re-enter the building on Dec. 29 after an Ontario Superior Court judge ruled that the employees must be allowed back in. Animal care and treatment at the shelter, however, remains under the direction of the Ontario SPCA.