Friday, April 16, 2010

A Great Book If You Are Considering Getting A Pet

A timeline that threads its way country by country through the pages of this book supplies nuggets of information along the lines of, “c. AD 100: Italy: Roman ladies keep mongooses for pets,” or “c. AD 1725: Ireland: Jonathan Swift finishes Gulliver's Travels. In his last voyage, Gulliver visits the land of the Houyhnhnms (elegant and refined horses who live in houses), who rule the Yahoos (stinking, vulgar humans who live in holes in the ground).” 
These factoids, fictional or otherwise, about the intersection of animal and human lives provide the structure upon which sisters Ann Love and Jane Drake build another of their interesting and informative books. This one concerns itself with pets of all descriptions, but concentrates on cats and dogs - the virtues, drawbacks and characteristics of various breeds of both. It doesn't stint on the type and amount of care required to keep Darius, for instance, as happy and well as a black Labrador should be.
Written in what might be described as an infectiously friendly fashion, with an ample array of narrative - e.g. Jasper: A Feline Survival Story - and plentifully illustrated with witty watercolours by the irrepressible Bill Slavin, Talking Tails will appeal to those who are contemplating having a pet in their lives, or those who just want affirmation of the rightness of their choice of pet - and perhaps more information about the cat, dog or leopard gecko they dote on.

*Taken from The Globe And Mail