Monday, March 29, 2010

OSPCA Protest Yesterday

Angry dog-walkers and humane society supporters blasted the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after six pit bulls were put down on Friday.

During a Sunday afternoon protest at the Toronto Humane Society’s River St. shelter - temporarily operated by the provincial organization - demonstrators said the new administration was “murdering” pit bulls.

“They say they are protecting animals - but they are murderers,” said Rosana Martins, a volunteer who walked several of the dogs that were euthanized.

“There is no mercy. This used to be a no-kill shelter, now it is a high-kill shelter.”

The OSPCA took over the animal care at the shelter last November, accusing THS leaders of allowing animals to live in inhumane conditions so that it could claim low euthanasia rates. The provincial organization charged several THS officials with cruelty to animals and requested a court-appointed receiver take over the THS. The hearing in that case will begin in early April, said THS spokesperson Ian McConachie.

Volunteer Andy Blau said there shelter is a “hot bed” of rumours right now with few answers from either organization and the issue of euthanasia is huge for the volunteers and donors.

“It leaves a great sense of futility for the volunteers to think “I am doing my best to make this animal’s life better but they are just going to kill it tomorrow,” Blau said.

Rosaline Ryan, a spokesperson for the OSPCA said veterinarians for both organizations made the decision to euthanize the dogs.

Ryan said she understands that emotions are running high. “The OSPCA works and deals with animals all the time so we totally understand, despite with another might say. We have feelings too, where the animals are concerned.”

The THS’s McConachie said the shelter has not adopted a “high-kill” philosophy but said a new euthanasia policy is in place that takes into account the future of very aggressive or sick animals.

“We can’t be a sanctuary. We have to be a shelter. We can’t house animals indefinitely.”

McConachie said that when the OSPCA took over animal care in late November, there were 1,100 animals at the shelter.

Since then, he said, 129 animals have been euthanized. Another 793 have been adopted (these figures include animals from the shelter’s Victoria Park location.) There are roughly 300 animals left in the shelters or foster homes. Of the 18 dogs remaining, McConachie said five or six of them are adoptable.

**Taken from the Toronto Star

Global Pet Foods Raises More Than $50,000 For Canadian Animal Shelters

Retailer teams up with Hill's Science Diet and the Air Miles Reward Miles program to help homeless pets find a second chance for love.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 23, 2010) - Global Pet Foods is pleased to announce that its annual "Show Us Your Heart" in-store campaign raised more than $50, 000 this year for Canadian animal shelters. The healthy pet food retailer teamed up with Hill's Science Diet, the largest supporter of animal shelters in North America, and the Air Miles Reward Miles program to sponsor the Valentine's week-long fundraising event from February 6 -14.

"As a company of animal lovers, we'd adopt every homeless pet if we could. Our annual 'Show Us Your Heart' promotion enables us to work together with customers to support local shelters - and help these wonderful pets find new homes" said Jim Walker, president of Global Pet Foods. "And I am exceedingly pleased to report that our franchisees, with the generous support of our customers, were able to raise 65% more than last year's event!"

The campaign invited customers via Facebook, direct mail, radio, TV and point-of-purchase displays to "show their hearts" and help give homeless pets a second chance for love. Donations of $1and $5 were collected at local Global Pet Foods and Pitou Minou stores across the country. Paper hearts were hung in Global Pet Foods store windows in appreciation for those customers who participated in this great cause.

Customer donations were matched by Global Pet Foods and Hill's Science Diet and those who donated $5 or more were rewarded with 10 bonus Air Miles Reward Miles. The campaign also invited pet parents across Canada to enter an online contest, where they could upload pictures of their "pet children" and vote for their favourites. A grand prize winner was selected from the top 10 voted pets and received a year's supply of free pet food from Hill's Science Diet. Ten secondary prize winners received a free pampered pet basket created exclusively for their pet.

"We look forward to raising the bar even higher next year," said Jim Walker. "It shows what we can do as a community when we come together for a cause we believe in."

The "Show Us Your Heart" campaign is in it's forth year and donations to local animal shelters has reached close to $150,000 to date.

Global Pet Foods is Canada's largest chain of pet food stores specializing in natural, holistic and organic foods and supplements, with more than 120 stores across Canada.

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