Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Woofstock Recap

On Sunday, I headed down to the Direct Energy Centre to check out Winter Woofstock. While not quite as large as its summer counterpart (the winter event had roughly 100 booths), the event nonetheless provided an amazing opportunity for vendors and pet enthusiasts alike to check out an endless array of supplies, food, and services. In addition, I was overjoyed to see so many rescue organizations such as Westies In Need, Canadian Daschund Rescue, and Boxer Rescue Ontario, to name a few (to see all of the rescue groups, as well as a complete list of exhibitors, click here). Here are some things I learned from my day downtown :

1. I clearly have some of the least fashionable pets in the city. Maybe, just maybe I'll tie a festive bandana around my doggies' necks during the holidays, but that doesn't hold a candle to the fashion statements I witnessed. Just take a look at some of the get-ups in the photos, including Logan's leg warmers (matching nails courtesy of our very own guest blogger Lindsay from The Hydrant)!

2. It is my belief that when human kind ceases, there will be a war of epic proportions for dominance, between the mighty Great Danes and the most powerful Pugs. While there were several teacups, retrievers, and rescues, the day was definitely dominated by the aforementioned breeds.

3. When it comes to competition, there are no rules. In a "musical chairs" style race in which people had to quickly get inside the boundaries of a hula-hoop with their doggy when the music stopped, I witnessed a few "mild" body checks. The dogs of course were already within the boundary.

4. Some dog owners simply refuse to pick up their own pet's excrement, regardless of their surroundings. Hellooooo? There are literally hundreds of witnesses, and yet you still choose to walk away as though nothing happened? I'm sending you the shoe cleaning bill!

5. Santa Claus is allergic to dogs. I spoke to Santa during a wee break between photo shoots, and he was raving about what a fantastic experience he was having, between sneezes of course.

There you have it all. Would I go back to Winter Woofstock? Certainly! There were tons of deals on great merchandise, super fun fashion shows, and amazing information (for either a novice or self anointed "pet pro"). Next time though, I'll be wearing shoe covers!

Did I miss anything? What were some of your favourite things about the weekend? Would you change any aspects for next year? To check out more great shots from the event, go to Marcia Leeder's blog.

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  1. I remember that doberman with the leg warmers, she looked so cute :) I helped a vendor man her booth over the weekend, you can read my opnion of the show here;