Monday, November 1, 2010

"When Hounds Fly" Training Looking For Doggies For Cognitive Sudies

New Call for Participants - Canine Cognition Experiments at WHF

As you might know, When Hounds Fly is proud to be assisting Krista Macpherson, researcher from the University of Western Ontario, with her work on studying the cognitive abilities of dogs.  In August we had a number of our friends' and students' dogs volunteer and we're looking for new volunteers for her next set of tests to be run on November 13 and 14th (Saturday/Sunday afternoon).

If you are interested please email [email protected] and let her know so she can reach out to you for scheduling.  Each dog works for approximately 45 minutes to an hour per session and the number of sessons is based on your availability.

The experiments are non-invasive and it's highly likely your dog will have a lot of fun... EATING!  It's also a great socialization exercise and a lot of fun watching your dog get down to work.

To learn more, you can read about the August sessions on our blog:


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