Monday, November 1, 2010

A Talk With Trainer Dave McMahon, Our Neighbour From The Niagara Region

What led you to dog training?

I was introduced to dog training at the age of 9 when my Mom signed myself & my doberman up for dog obedience classes

How long have you been training?

I have been a k-9 trainer and have owned my dog academy for 26 years.

Have you ever had someone ask you to train any other type of animal?

Yes, I have trained Pot Belly Pigs and Ferrets.

What are the easiest and most difficult dogs to train?

Shelties & poodles I find are easy to train, while northern breeds are a lot more independent.

What's a good age to start training?

12 weeks is when people bring their puppies to my group classes in Niagara Falls.

Is it ever too late to train a dog?

It is never too late to train a dog provided you are using the proper method.
Can you tell us about your radio show?

I produce & host the Dog Talk Radio Show,it began in 1990 out of Chow Radio in Welland Ontario ,now I broadcast out of St. Catharines 103.7 FM or people can listen live on line from anywhere around the planet.The weekly 30 minute live to air radio show is intended to educate and entertain listeners .I have had tons of great guests on my show that I have interviewed.I'm having alot of fun hosting the show.


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