Friday, November 26, 2010

Pet Gift Ideas From Today's Toronto Sun

There is no better way to show your favourite pet how much you love them than to buy them something special for Christmas. Whether you're a cat lover, dog lover, or something in between, there are many gifts out there that will have your furry and feathered friends overcome with excitement this holiday season.
Buying for pets is much the same as buying for any other member of your family. Though there is an abundance of items on the market designed for every kind of animal imaginable, only you truly know what your pet will like and dislike. Taking into consideration their lifestyle and health is always a good place to start when looking for the right Christmas gift for your pet.
Gifts For Cats
Though they may be best known for their finicky ways, cats do like to be pampered. Catnip-laced toys tend to be popular among cat lovers, but there are many felines out there who are just not interested in the potent herb. For those cats, it is best to focus on playful toys and toys that will inspire activity - what cat doesn't love rolling around playfully? Treat-based gifts are also a great idea, but if buying for a friend or relative's pet, make sure to check first that the cat is not allergic to certain ingredients in the treats, like tuna and chicken.
Gifts for Dogs
Gillian Ridgeway, a Toronto-based dog expert with Who's Walking Who, suggests that as with cats, dog owners should think about the health and lifestyle of their dog before buying them that special gift. Dogs tend to have specific times they like to eat and do and are therefore a little easier to buy for, but it is important to remember that a gift for a puppy is not always suitable for an adult dog and vice versa. Presents that help in training are always a good idea, will be a gift not only wonderful for a dog, but also their owner. "Gift certificates for training classes or dog walking sessions are always great," says Ridgeway. "As far as puppies go, perhaps a puppy training kit with a six-foot leash, tug toy, treats and a treat pouch."
Gifts for Birds and Fish
To some they may not be as cuddly and adorable as the four-legged variety, but for many people, there is nothing better than an aquatic or feathery pal. Though stores and specialty shops are not as saturated with gifts for these pets as they are for cats and dogs, there are still many items a bird or fish owner can buy. Chew toys for birds that will help keep their beaks trim and their minds busy are great and very affordable, or even brightly coloured activity centres that let them hop all around. For your favourite fish, different sized tanks and decorations - those pretty glass pebbles are a great bet, or small reefs, depending on the species - will offer them a whole new environment.
Gifts for Reptiles
They slither, creep and crawl, and are the source of many people's fears. But believe it or not, reptiles are one of the most popular of all pets. Gifts for snakes, lizards, and turtles can be as exotic as the pet they are intended for, with a wide variety of foods and habitats to choose from, as well as heating lamps, feeding dishes and misters that can make their habitat more enjoyable.

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