Friday, November 26, 2010

Our First Inspirational Story By Guest Author Matthew From Waggz & Whiskerz

Until The End: A touching story of the human dog bond.

Everyone who owns a dog knows how dogs instantly become part of our families from the first day we take ownership of a furry friend. Barbara Gladstone of Timmins Ontario, found out just how loyal and devoted her two Cockapoo’s were just recently. This story is both heartbreaking but very touching. On DEC 21 2009 Marvin Gladstone, Barbara’s 58 year old Husband who had been battling stage 2 Liver Cancer, went for a walk with his two Cockapoo’s, Belinda and Jaz. After being out for around 3 ½ hours Barbara became very worried and began to search for Marvin and their two dogs. Barbara’s search brought no results and eventually the police were called as well as search and rescue parties. The media was involved and it became very apparent that something had gone horribly wrong.

On DEC 28, Barbara finally got the news that she and her family had been waiting for and dreading. “I was sitting in our den when my son Evan came up and told me that Marvin had been found,” said Barbara. A hiker had come across her Husbands body and more amazingly; his two Cockapoo’s Belinda and Jaz were on guard and alive! The medical examiner discovered that Marvin had died 5 days after he disappeared in the woods, on DEC 26. That was when they put the story together. For two full days the two dogs had stood guard over their beloved master’s body, protecting him from anything and everything. The hiker who found Marvin Gladstone said that Belinda was the most protective. “Jaz was right by Marvin and wouldn’t allow anyone close to him,” said Barbara.

Evan Gladstone, Marvin’s son, calls the two dogs his “heros.” “I truly believe that had the hiker not found them the dogs would have stayed (with my dad) until they had taken their last breath,” he said. “To know that they were with him when he passed from this world to the next, that he wasn’t alone? I wanted to be there when he did that, but the Lord let him in that direction.” Yes, it is sad that Marvin Gladstone died but in the end he had his most loyal companions by his side, protecting to the end and beyond.


Anonymous said...

very Cool Story !
Inspires me :)

scruffy dog photography said...

heart-wrenching ... although i can imagine no greater comfort than having one's closest companions at one's side in the end.

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