Friday, November 5, 2010

My Personal Take On The OSPCA Situation

I rarely post my personal feelings on this site, as it serves to inform & educate the public on pet related issues in and beyond the city, and does not serve as my personal soapbox. Recently, there has been much written about the Ontario Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals, especially in light of the organization's mass euthanization of over 100 animals in its care at the Newmarket shelter. So I may be clear with you all, after this event I began contacting MPP Frank Klees and an ongoing dialogue began. Over the past months, I have assisted Mr. Klees in any way possible to ensure that there is provincial oversight of the OSPCA (there will be a debate in parliament, one which I very much look forward to attending, on this issue on November 18). It is my personal opinion, and one that certainly is not shared by all, that provincial oversight is needed to ensure such a horrid event never occurs again, and to ensure that the OSPCA separates itself as EITHER a charity OR a regulating and enforcing body of animal welfare in the province (continuing to serve as both would be akin to giving the members of MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Driving, policing powers). In no way is it the intention of this blog to conform individuals to my way of fixing the animal welfare problem in the province (I can, and will, continue to do so by taking alternate avenues). In fact, I have sent several messages to the OSPCA asking a spokesperson to reply on the status of animal welfare in the province, and what the OSPCA purports to do to better the current situation. So far, I have had no response. Over the past 100 years(!) the OSPCA has done such wonderful things to assist animals in need, and such efforts should not go unrecognized. What must be recognized however, is the fact that currently the system is flawed, and some form of MAJOR CHANGE is needed so that the OSPCA can again serve as a shining example to Ontarians, and indeed North Americans, of how to properly deal with the animal welfare crisis in this province and beyond. Am I right? Am I completely off my rocker? Feel free to add your comments below

BTW, pictured is Nelly, my little rescue from the Toronto Humane Society that I adopted two days before it was raided by the OSPCA. I hate to think of what might have become of him had we not met on that day. He's scruffy, he's got an attitude, and I wouldn't have him any other way!