Monday, November 8, 2010

Business Spotlight - Fetching....For Fit Dogs & Bods!

Tick ‘great workout’ and ‘dog walked’ off your list with Fetching.

Do you ever watch your dog race around the dog park, wishing it was a better use of your time? Or get home from the gym and not have enough energy to walk your dog properly? Or avoid exercise altogether? If you’re nodding (probably with a frustrated sigh), you’re like most dog owners in Toronto. Worn out from busy schedules, juggling work, kids, friends, chores, and trying to find some time for yourself.

‘Fetching - For Fit Dogs & Bods’ helps busy people simplify their lives. Our programs combine a full-body workout for you with obedience and agility for your dog. You leave the class satisfied and guilt-free. Your exercise is done, and your dog has had both a physical and mental workout while brushing up on his obedience skills - something we all tend to put off dealing with.

We offer classes for all ages and fitness levels and you learn something new every week. Visit to get more details and sign-up for our programs! Hope to see you and
your pooch soon.


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