Sunday, October 31, 2010

Photo Contest Winners!!

First Place - Kailey & Jessie

Second Place - Miki, Eros, & Guy

Third Place - Tyler & Oak

Congrats to the winners & all who participated. I will be emailing the winners tomorrow, as well as starting the next contest this week! Happy Halloween everybody :)


Kailey & Jessie said...

Thanks so much! Kailey and Jessie are so excited! Congrats to all the top 10 winners, they are all so cute!
Kailey & Jessie

Anonymous said...

just wondering how the pictures were picked, Ryan & Buddy were 3rd in the picture vote???

ADMIN said...

Hi there, I personally loved that pic (!), but as stated in the rules, votes accounted for 25% of the decision, & judging 75% (this is the same for all Toronto Pet Daily contests). This is to ensure that while votes indeed help with the decision, they do not make up for the whole decision, in that some individuals have a much easier time procuring votes than others. :)

ADMIN said...

btw I'll be emailing the top ten over the next week as they too will receive a prize :)

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