Friday, October 22, 2010

October Newsletter from "When Hounds Fly"

What a great summer we had!  Hope you are staying warm with the cool fall weather. Here's what's new at When Hounds Fly:
Pardon the Construction!  Expanding our Training Hall

Over the Thanksgiving long weekend, we knocked down the partition wall that was dividing the space at 1108 Dundas and students attending class now can enjoy a training hall that is now more than double the size of the training space that we had previously!  Our flooring is being upgraded to 3/4" thick foam matting as well, so with both the improved flooring and the significantly increased space, there's never been a better time to come back for more!

Furthering Your Dog's Education - Easier Than Ever
We've revised the curriculum so that if you have already completed Puppy Socialization or Basic Obedience, the next level of training is now only 30 days in length.  Hopefully this makes it easier to fit dog training into your hectic schedule.  Basic Obedience for Puppy Socialization Grads focuses on teaching patience (doggie zen and relaxation protocol), precision walking (loose leash walking and heel), and additional recall exercises.  Intermediate and Advanced students work on more difficult behaviors like a retrieve, hind-end awareness, and advanced concepts like names of objects.

With the expanded space we are also working on hard on bringing new programs and activities for you and your dog.  Stay tuned!

New "Drop-in" Tuesday Night Class; Pay What You Can - All Proceeds to Big on Beagles (BOB)

Past students take note!  Starting in November, to help raise funds for our favorite rescue organization (BOB - Big on Beagles) we will be running a Pay What You Can class at 7pm on Tuesday nights.  Suggested donation is $10 per dog but more is welcome.  Any past student of either Puppy Socialization, Basic Obedience, or Private Lessons can come.

Big on Beagles is a grassroots Toronto-based rescue that specializes in senior Beagles that are down on their luck.  Their annual fundraiser is coming up on Sunday, November 28, from 2-4pm and it's being held at the Pawsway this year.  You can read more about Big on Beagles at

Here's the catch!  This single weekly class will be limited to only two dogs because I will be there as a student myself - training Petey, my rescue beagle from BOB.  The classes' lesson that evening will be whatever I am working on right now with Petey, so it might range from a brush-up on basic work to advanced work like compound behaviors or discrimination.  So, you won't have any say in what behaviors I teach that night - you'll just have to follow Petey!  Petey needs training!!!

Email if you are interested in finding out more about our new Tuesday "Petey Needs Training" PWYC class!

Halloween - A Blessing and a Curse for your Dog Halloween can be a tremendous opportunity for socialization your puppy, but it can also be a nightmare too.  Consider the following and keep your dog safe:

  1. Trick-or-treaters - Handing out candy at the door with your dog can be a great opportunity to socialize a young dog to a wide variety of visitors.  Keep your dog tethered so he can't dash out the door, but it's also a great way to get your puppy used to visitors at the door.  Keep yummy treats with you and feed your puppy every time someone visits.
  2. Fireworks - keep your puppy busy working on their favorite kong or chew while the fireworks go off.  If your dog is noise-sensitive, consider closing all the windows and leaving the radio on (classical music is known to be calming) and let them rest somewhere safe while working on their favorite chew.  Anti-anxiety treatments like Rescue Remedy or a Thundershirt can also help noise-sensitive dogs.
  3. Chocolate - It's not a myth; chocolate is toxic to dogs.  Keep your stash away from your dog's reach and watch out for discarded candy the day after Halloween.
  4. Jack-o-lanterns - Make sure your dog doesn't eat your pumpkin (it's not toxic but you'll pay for it on the next stoop and scoop) or knock over the candle that may be inside.  Consider using a battery powered candle instead.

As always stay in touch!  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter - and send us a note any time letting us know how your dog is doing!

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