Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Man Beaten Trying To Stop Dog Abuse Dies

LONDON, Ont. - The London, Ont., man reportedly beaten when he tried to stop the abuse of three dogs in his apartment building has died. Dan Palmer, 49, died at London Health Sciences Centre's Victoria hospital Monday afternoon, surrounded by family members who agreed to have him taken off life-support. "It is a real tragic story," said his son, John, 21, of London. "He died for his love of animals, for having a good heart and being a good person." Palmer was found in a stairwell at the nine-storey apartment building across from police headquarters, after officers went there about 1:30 a.m. on Sept. 8 to investigate a report someone was beating dogs in a ninth-floor apartment. The officers heard dogs yelping in pain, then entered an apartment where three dogs were cowering in fear. Police called Animal Control officers to rescue the animals, then arrested Christopher Martin, 26, of London, and charged him with causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal. When police started to walk Martin out to a cruiser, they were confronted by another man who tried to stop them, became belligerent and bit the arresting officer on the hand. The man charged with beating Palmer and biting the officer is Carl Boyer, 26, of London, who is charged with aggravated assault. Police have not said whether charges will be upgraded. As well, a police source has said the beating was not related to the dogs, although residents at the building say Palmer intervened. "For anyone to be beaten like that just for having good morals is sick," said Palmer's son John. "Anyone who can take a human life like that, I think, is a menace to society and should not be a part of it." Residents at the apartment complex said they had seen a man kick at the dogs in the past "for not listening." They described Palmer as a "big-hearted" neighbour and a "special" guy everyone loved.

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*The Toronto Sun


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