Monday, October 4, 2010

Global Pet Food's "Ultimate Name Dropping Contest"


Your Pet’s name could win you a brand new car!

Toronto, ON (October 4, 2010) - Global Pet Foods is searching for a name for their dog and cat mascot and turning to pet parents across Canada for help in the Ultimate Name Dropping Contest! The top prize for best cat and dog name: 2 brand new Honda Hybrid Insights.

To kick off the Ultimate Name Dropping Contest, Global Pet Foods and Angus Reid Public Opinion conducted a national online survey on pet names among 802 adult, Canadian cat and dog owners.

“The survey was a great warm up to the contest and revealed some pretty unusual pet names like- CleoCATra and General Tao,” says Jim Walker President of Global Pet Foods. Walker adds: “We’re looking forward to lots of original contest entries and great stories behind them.”

Top 10 Cat Names in Canada
1. Sam
2. Shadow
3. Lucky
4. Kitty
5. Molly
6. Felix
7. Belle/Bella
8. Lucy
9. Cookie
10. Chole

Top 5 French Cat Names
1. Grisou
2. Minou
3. Gribouille
4. Coquine
5. Frimousse

Top 5 Cat Names in Ontario
1. Molly
2. Callie
3. Bella
4. Lily
5. Lucy

Top 10 Dog Names in Canada
1. Max
2. Buddy
3. Molly
4. Lucy
5. Daisy
6. Abbey
7. Bailey
8. Charlie
9. Chloe
10. Sadie

Top 5 Most interesting Pet Names
1. CleoCATra
2. General Tao
3. Teddy Pendergrass
4. Antonio Banderas
5. Le Baron Du Samedi

Top 5 Cat Names in Quebec
1. Sam
2. Felix
3. Toutoune
4. Lucky
5. Maya

Top 5 Dog names in Ontario
1. Lucy
2. Max
3. Buddy
4. Jake
5. Roxy

Top 5 Dog names in Quebec
1. Molly
2. Mickey
3. Zoe
4. Ruby
5. Charlie

Who or what did you name your pet after?

•1in 4 pet parents (or 27%) named their pet after a character from a book, movie or TV.

•Younger pet parents under age 35 are more likely to name their pet after a character
from a book, movie, or TV.

•22% named their pet after a physical trait possessed by their pet.

•11% of pets were already named by a previous owner & they chose not to rename.


From Oct. 4 to Nov. 1, 2010 pet parents across Canada are invited to drop their pet’s name, story and photo in the Global Pet Foods’ Facebook contest for a chance to win 1 of 2 brand new Honda Insight Hybrids. And two lucky runners-up will win free pet food for a year.

Global Pet Foods Fans and your friends will help determine the winners by voting for their favourite dog and cat names on Facebook. Global will then select the ultimate winners from the top 10 dog and cat names with the most votes.

You can also enter The Ultimate Name Dropping Contest at your local Global Pet Foods store.

For entry and full contest rules please visit or any Global Pet Foods location.


Global Pet Foods is Canada's largest chain of pet food stores specializing in natural, holistic and organic foods and supplements, with 130 stores across Canada.

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Anonymous said...

PLEASE vote for WILLY!! He needs the votes to win...he's so close and needs a new car!! :)

Vote for Willy here:

Anonymous said...

Vote for MONKEY MAN! Help him win by casting your vote using the link below...

In addition to becoming famous, he'll also win a new car... which will be much safer than the Vespa he's be driving all summer.

Thanks for your vote!
Jill & Monkey Man

Anonymous said...

Please vote for Itty. He almost died when he came to the shelter (was the size of a 3-4 week old puppy)but he was such a fighter he beat the odds. He deserves a new car as a reward for all he went through.

Anonymous said...

please vote for my yorkiepoo Milo!

Anonymous said...

Please vote for BEAU.....

FallenPixels said...

Please vote for Quincy, he is our 5th cat and it sounds Irish, hence Quincy (as I am Irish)

Anonymous said...

Please Vote for DeeOhGee, it is the best name for a dog, because his name meas DOG. please choose him. Thanks You

Anonymous said...

Please vote for the best dog DeeOhGee (D-O-G)

Anonymous said...

Please vote for PINK aka PINKY!!

Anonymous said...

Please vote for my beautiful Boy Chandler! It would be a very happy ending to my story.....Thank-You for taking the time.. :)

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