Friday, October 22, 2010

Emaciated Dog Expected To Survive

The Humane Society of Durham Region is looking to speak to a woman who turned in an emaciated puppy to the shelter on Saturday afternoon. The four-month-old boxer pup was extremely dehydrated and “skin and bones” when she was found abandoned in a dirty and dilapidated crate at a park in Ajax or Oshawa hours before the mystery woman turned the dog into the shelter, animal cruelty investigator Debbie Houghton said Monday. “The carrier was really dirty, so I think the puppy lived in there for a long time,” Houghton said. “The door was missing and it was stuffed with a dirty blanket and it couldn’t move. The dog probably hadn’t had water for days. We’d like to speak to the woman who brought the puppy in just so I can get more details of who could’ve been responsible for the horrible condition that this animal’s in.”
Once the brown and white puppy — who has since been named Faith — was brought to the clinic, she went to the emergency clinic and was hooked up to intravenous tube to help with re-hydrating her. “She can’t even stand up because she’s so emaciated,” Houghton said. “She’s eating, drinking and showing signs that she’s feeling safe.” Houghton said the pooch also had sores on its feet and on the side of its leg, indicating the animal would’ve been contained in a dirty carrier - which had faeces on the side of it - and left there for a long period of time. “Whoever left her in the park...for the puppy to get in the condition it’s in now, takes some time. Even if it was abandoned in the park for a day, I just can’t see that happening,” Houghton said. “I suspect when the carrier was found, it was the same day it was placed in the park.” The HSDR is working hard to get Faith back to normal. Eventually, the dog will be strong enough to enter a foster home and later be ready for adoption.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Humane Society of Durham Region at 905-433-2022 ext. 2.

**The Toronto Sun


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