Thursday, September 16, 2010

Provincial Government Refuses To Address The OSPCA Problem

As of today, several MPPs have risen at Queen's Park to read several of the THOUSANDS of petitions that they received over the summer from their constituents calling for provincial oversight of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA). Such sentiments began back in May, when the OSPCA declared that there was an outbreak of a very VIRULENT strain of ringworm at its Newmarket shelter, and as a result the shelter staff had to euthanize more than 100 animals. What began as public outrage (there is a facebook group of over 35 000 members that can be found here) toward the OSPCA has recently turned into criticism of the current provincial government, which at present has shown little interest in responding to the current crisis. In fact, today in the legislature the current Minister of Community and Correctional Services, the Honorable James Bradley (pictured above), expressed his opinion that the province's stance on animal cruelty is quite adequate, and that he felt that tax paying Ontario citizens do not want to have to financially bare the burden of such a review. In my opinion, I resent Mr. Bradley for speaking on my behalf on this issue. I simply do not understand why, after receiving 1000s of signed petitions, the minister sees fit to ignore this issue. Some feel that this is a decision along party lines, and the Liberals are pandering to an organization that the party has supported in the past (the party has donated MILLIONS of dollars to the OSPCA). Such a sentiment disturbs me a great deal, in that THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE TO BE DECIDED ALONG PARTY LINES, RATHER ONE THAT SHOULD BE ADDRESSED WITH THE BEST INTERESTS OF ONTARIO ANIMALS IN MIND! Feel free to comment below, and if you wish to contact Minister Bradley encouraging him to reverse his decision on this matter (which I certainly encourage you to do), here is his email address and phone number :

416-325-0484 (Ministry)

905-935-0018 (Constituency)