Thursday, June 7, 2012

Here Are The Toronto Pet Daily's Favourite Cartoon Dogs - Is Your Favourite On The List?

While I'm sure not all will agree, these guys (why are all cartoon doggies boys?) certainly bring a smile to my face. Who have I missed?

1. Snoopy - Paws down. He's the most loyal of best friends, and he can cut a rug! Just watch A Charlie Brown Christmas if you don't believe me, and try not to tear up.
2. Scooby Doo - Because I just know that if I were ever running away from zombies/mummies/ghosts, or simply trying to find my car keys, he'd be a great asset. 

3. Dino - Simply for the fact that he put up with Fred's yelling. For way too long.
4. Brian Griffin - He's cynical, he says what we (and dogs) are thinking, and he has a lovely singing voice.

5. Sparky - Because tv's first out and proud pooch is super with his lifestyle, thanks for asking!