Friday, September 10, 2010

Life As A Dog Walker - A Guest Post By Alison Kelly From Dog Pawsitive

That was it. It was time for me to leave the 24 x 7 corporate job. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but the blackberry-obsessed world was something I needed a break from. It was while perusing craiglist, I saw this posting for a “dog walker”. A dog walker! How perfect! I could do this part time, while pursuing my interest in yoga. Yes, I wanted to be a dog walker!

I was not prepared for what I was about to step into. Here are some highlights from my 9- month career moonlighting as a dog walker:

- Experiencing the amazing world of a pack. Watching the soldiers explain how “day care” works to the new dogs, while the alphas sit back and watch. OK, stare at the newbies letting them know without words who the boss it.

- Watching an older sibling protect her younger, more sassy sister when she feels her younger sibling being bullied by an outsider.

-Feeling my belly light up with excitement knowing I was about to consume my “morning coffee” AKA Norquay (Golden Retriever)

- Realising that no matter how horrible it is outside, majority of the dogs love being outside regardless. If they can take it without a toque, than so can I (with the toque)

- Enjoying the winter weather at an isolated Cherry Beach with siblings Layla and Liam, without nobody but us and a Toronto Star photographer. Knowing that no matter how crappy my hair looks that day, my clients don’t care. All they care about is being with you.

- Discovering that that smell of dog poop is no big deal. Just another smell really.

- Hearing Ruby (Jack Russell) squeal with excitement from down the hall knowing I was coming.

- Working for someone who is 100% genuine and passionate about her businesses.

- Crying for the very first time leaving my job knowing I would miss my friends (human and dog)

After 9 months, it was time for me to go back to the grind. I am now back in the corporate arena and missing my dog walking days every single minute. At least I have a picture of my best friend Ruby on my desk to remind of where my most loyal friends are.

Alison, pictured above with Sally, is a Toronto-based blogger for “inside dog pawsitive".