Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Sweet Rescue Story From Reader Nicole Krug

North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee & Georgia.
Tesla is about 4-5 months, a Shepard mix (maybe Doberman?).  She came home with us about 6 weeks ago and is madly in love with her big brother Mousa (rescued about 4 years ago in NC). She’s sprung up from 14 lbs to 21 in the time we’ve had her and though she’s still half Mousa’s size she holds her own in a wrestling match. We’re a two-animal house, and we lost a cat a few months ago, so after settling from NC to the DC area we had just started looking for a new playmate for Mousa.  We found K-9 Lifesavers, and Tesla and a few others had actually just been sent up from rural NC.  She was in a foster situation out in farm with a number of other dogs, so more or less crate trained, but knew nothing about being inside a house nor even what a toy was, but she’s loving life now!