Friday, August 20, 2010

THS Donations Down 60%

August 20, 2010
Message From The THS Executive Director
Dear Friend of the Toronto Humane Society,
Donations are down almost 60% at the Toronto Humane Society. This, in effect, translates into millions of lost dollars for our organization. Our newly elected Board of Directors, management and staff are working hard to make this shelter a leader in animal welfare in North America.
Here are some examples of new initiatives implemented by the new Board of Directors, since their election in June 2010:
  • All animals are spayed and neutered before being placed in adoption. Some 180 animals have been spayed / neutered since June 28, 2010.
  • We have developed partnerships with local rescue groups like Toronto Cat Rescue and Annex Cat Rescue.
  • We have extended the hand of help to many shelters outside of Toronto to assist in transferring animals to our own facility, to ease over-crowding and unnecessary euthanasia.
  • New community committees have been established to make recommendations to the Board on matters such as Adoptions, Animal Welfare, Fundraising, Volunteers, Spay and Neuter and many more.
  • A consultation has been arranged with Mr. Bill Bruce from Calgary.
  • The Society will have a presence at the Anti-Breed Specific Legislation Rally.
  • A food bank has been implemented to offer community support for owners who wish to keep animals rather than surrender them to the shelter.
  • The Society has pledged its support to the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition and will become closely involved with the Trap-Neuter-Release program.
  • A process of ongoing review and changes to policies and procedures at the Society to ensure that standards are maintained and improved.
The Society is committed to change but we urgently need you help and support. All donations in excess of $ 20.00 receive a charitable tax receipt. If you wish to donate to the THS, please call the shelter on 416-392-2273 or go to our online fundraising tools at
The Society would like to thank all our past, current and future donors for their ongoing commitment to the many animals that need help.