Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Attorney General Refuses To Review THS Decision

The OSPCA is refusing to rollover after Ontario’s attorney general vowed he will not review the withdrawal of charges against the Toronto Humane Society.
Officials for Attorney General Chris Bentley said Tuesday the province’s top lawyer won’t review the Crown’s decision to drop the case launched when the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals raided humane society’s River St. shelter and dragged away its leadership in handcuffs.
“As stated by the crown in court (Monday), the decision was fully reviewed before charges were withdrawn,” A-G spokesman Li Koo stated in an e-mail.
The Crown was highly critical of the OSPCA’s investigation and its impact on the admissability of evidence in the case.
In the wake of the Crown’s announcement, OSPCA chairman Rob Godfrey held a press conference holding a kitten and demanding Bentley conduct a review.
OSPCA spokesman Rosaline Ryan the society is reviewing its legal options.
“The Attorney General`s office may not know, but should know, that there is a locker full of evidence supporting the charges laid that its Crown Attorneys have not even looked at,” Ryan stated in an e-mail. “That is very disappointing to those who think animals in need deserve a basic level of humane care.”
Godfrey remained barking mad on Tuesday.
“We hope that what’s next will be Ontarians demanding answers from their elected officials,” he said in a statement provided to the Sun. “Answers as to why government lawyers acted as defence counsel and made decisions favouring those accused of abusing animals when those decisions should have been made by a judge, based on all of the evidence at a trial.” 
“We’d like the Crown and the attorney general to tell the public why they didn’t allow this to take place, and why they think they should be the judge in this matter.”
*Taken from the Toronto Sun