Tuesday, May 11, 2010

There Is Still Some Hope! - Thanks For The Update Amanda!

You may be able to help save animals
By Amanda Persico
May 11, 2010

The Ontario SPCA is asking qualified residents and local veterinarians who can treat ringworm to contact them with services you can offer to help save the remaining animals that were scheduled to be euthanized today.

The euthanizing of more than 350 dogs, cats and other pets went on while protestors cried and pleaded for the animals to be saved.

Tanya Firmage, the acting director of animal care, is asking qualified residents to contact the Ontario SPCA directly.

You can contact Anne Buonaiuto at 905-898-7122 or e-mail abuonaiuto@ospca.on.ca

Professional dog groomer Erikah McNeice is donating her time to shave and give medical baths to infected animals saved from the Ontario SPCA. Ms McNeice can be reached at emcneice@live.com