Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pet Valu Pulls Sponsorship From OSPCA

In response to the mass killing of over 300 animals at the Newmarket OSPCA, pet product retailer Pet Valu has revoked its sponsorship of the organization.
In a statement released this afternoon, Pet Valu says they do not condone the OSPCA's actions:
 "Pet Valu has always supported various rescues and organizations that act on behalf of animals to ensure a quality of life that otherwise would not be available to them. We were very saddened to hear about the mass euthanasia at the OSPCA, and although we don't know the exact specifics of why these animals have to be put down, we will be following this very closely.
However, effective immediately, Pet Valu has removed itself as a sponsor of the York Region OSPCA. While this is not immediately apparent on their website, we have directed them to remove our logo and name as soon as possible."