Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Long Weekend All!!!

The weather's shaping up & it looks like it will be a rain free one for once! Just wanted to give an update to all you loyal followers. I have not posted as much this week as I am diligently working with a select group in fighting the recent actions taken by the OSPCA. This has involved hours upon hours of meetings & messages. Rest assured, I will keep you all in the loop, & don't forget that the winners of the photo contest will be announced on June 1st!. Enjoy everyone!!


  1. As a volunteer of that particular shelter I would like to thank you. I hope something good is going to come out after the sacrifice of all the animals which a lot of them I knew personally. I would never forget Sago!!
    I go up every other day and the last I heard… are some good news are coming on our way (about management) will find out next week. I am hoping for resignations.
    Thank you!!

  2. Thanks so much for your words, and if you want to you may email me using the envelope on the left of the page & I can tell you about what is in the works. It would be confidential among us of course. Take care :)