Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Fighting Continues...

The Toronto Humane Society is calling on the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to rethink its plan to kill 350 animals at its Newmarket shelter.
"This type of action to respond to a treatable condition such as ringworm is unprecedented," Humane society president Bob Hambley stated in a press release Monday night. "The OSPCA is taking the easy solution rather than working to save animals lives.
"The OSPCA needs to reconsider this solution and consult with outside experts to look at treatment alternatives to save these animals lives."
Hambley accused OSPCA CEO Kate MacDonald of failing in her duties to protect animals and said she should resign.
He called on Premier Dalton McGuinty to order an investigation into the OSPCA's care of animals at the shelter.
OSPCA officials confirmed Monday that 350 animals, all the pets inside the Woodbine Ave. shelter except two turtles, would be put down this week after ringworm reached epidemic proportions.
“The OSPCA is deeply saddened we had to take this action,” OSPCA spokesman Rosaline Ryan said Monday. “We were left with no other option.”
Both the THS and the OSPCA are no stranger to airing public criticism of each other.
The OSPCA raided the THS last year and charged its former president and other senior staffers with animal cruelty.
After several months inside the THS's River St. shelter, the OSPCA gave control back to the THS.
Staff at the River St. shelter are currently undergoing retraining before reopening June 1.

*Taken from the Toronto Sun