Monday, April 19, 2010

This Week's Pawsway Schedule

Another exciting week of events @ PawsWay!

1/ Don't forget on Wednesday, April 21st, our next series of classes in conjunction with Life's Ruff begins!

It's not too late to register, but time is of the essence! We're offering Puppy, Basic & Intermediate Obedience led by award winning instructor Debbie Reynolds.


• TIMES: Puppy Class: 6pm – 7pm / Basic Obedience: 7pm – 8pm / Intermediate Obedience: 8pm – 9pm

• COST: $185 + GST (PLUs in database and can be paid at PawShop)

o Ages: 12 weeks – 20 weeks
o Critical learning period for puppies to learn their social skills is between birth to 20 weeks of age
o Learning puppy social skills will help prevent problems developing in their adult years and will help ensure a socially sound pet
o Focus will include puppies interact with other families
o Off leash play with other puppies
o Social handling lessons
o Emulation of nail clipping
o Teach appropriate greeting techniques
o Confidence building tips
o Recalls (come command including sit and pay attention)
o Discussion of behaviour issues such as crating, preventing separation anxiety and dealing with excessive barking

o Ages: 20 weeks +
o Effective communication techniques with your dog
o Consistent training methods
o Basic commands such as stay, wait, recalls, off, leave it, give, watch me and heeling

o Ages: 20 weeks +
o This challenging class builds upon previous training and adds new elements such as training with distractions, distance training and hand pulls
o New skills include lead pulls, return around, off leash recalls and recall with distractions

o Payment required ahead of time to reserve spot
o Up to date vaccination records
o Registration and PawsWay waiver must be completed
o Intermediate enrollment requires completion of basic obedience or for the dog to be at a basic obedience level

2/ Also on Wednesday is the PawsWay Walking Club which is off to a roaring start! Walks occur at 6pm, 7pm & 8pm. It's a great social event plus a way to get exercise and bond further with your dog! Included in the $25 registration fee is cool Walking club gear, weekly nutrition tips and tracking. Contact Stacy - Stacy.Fernandes@purina.; for more details.

3/ This Saturday, our theme is 'The German Shepherd'. Is the German Shepherd the World’s Most Versatile Dog? What are the myths and the realities of this well known breed?

Watch with awe as this intelligent breed demonstrates what it can do.

4/ Finally, this Sunday, April 25th is our Pet First Aid course.

Again, space is limited so register ASAP!


OUTLINE: A one day 'paws on' course designed to give pet lovers the necessary information and skills required to stabilize an injured animal until qualified veterinary care is available. Course topics include artificial respiration, CPR, airway obstruction, bleeding and wounds, shock, poisoning, eye and ear injuries, bone and joint injuries, preventative medicine, parasites, injuries from heat and cold, artificial respiration, CPR, airway obstruction. Content applies to both cats and dogs.

Students will practice banding and rescue techniques with real dogs - you can bring your own family dog (or share one!). Naturally any attending dogs must be quite and friendly and you must provide proof of vaccination.

DATES: Sunday, April 25th 8:30am - 6:30pm

COST: $185.95 per person (includes First Aid manual, test + GST)

If you have any questions, please call PawsWay at 416 360-PAWS (7297) or email

Thanks & have a great week!

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