Monday, April 5, 2010

Most Animals Won't Be Euthanized, Says THS

The Canadian Press
A spokesperson at the Toronto Humane Society says the organization is not liberally euthanizing animals at its east-end facility, despite having to close its operations for a few weeks this month.
Ian McConachie said in a news release on Monday that the River Street shelter is doing what it can to have as many animals as possible adopted in the next week.
"We are also aggressively pursuing foster homes for our animals to find a place for them during the temporary closure," he said.
The animals that are not adopted will be transferred to other humane societies and rescue organizations as well as the THS's Victoria Park location which will remain opened throughout April and May.
"If an animal is not suitable for adoption due to medical or behavioural issues that are unmanageable we can not continue to house those animals at the THS indefinitely, this is not an acceptable animal care practice," McConachie said.
"This temporary closure has stirred a lot of emotions and people should be aware that we are not abandoning the animals in our care and simply putting them down," the statement continues to say. "We will, as always, do everything we can to find loving homes for as many animals as possible."
Certified veterinarians will help the shelter decide when an animal should be euthanized, he said.
Over the Easter long weekend, 31 cats, four dogs and 11 small pets were adopted at the River Street facility.

**Taken from CTV