Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Group Four Photo Submissions



From top to bottom, we have :

1) Cuddles
2) Stella
3) Dingo
4) Oz
5) Marley & Tucker
6) Jackson
7) Guinness
8) Ralphie
9) Jonah
10) Major Wigglebottoms The IV

****I know I said groups would be posted on Mondays, but the response from all of you has been great!!  I'm now posting in groups of ten or so, in order to not inundate myself with dozens of pictures on a Monday morning!  Thank you all so much for the submissions, and best of luck.

PS  One final note, while blogger has changed its uploading procedures, it has become extremely difficult to post the pet's name either directly above or below the picture (as I had done in the past).  Hence, the ordered list below all of the photos.  If anyone has been able to figure out how to do this with the new system, please let me know.  Thanks all, and keep them coming!  :)