Thursday, March 18, 2010

Photo Contest Rules And Regulations

It is now time to submit your favourite photo of your beloved pet(s) for judging in our photo contest. The prizes are as follows :

First prize : $50.00 gift certificate to Petsmart

Second Prize ; $25.00 gift certificate to Petsmart

Third Prize : $25.00 gift certificate to Petsmart

***Rules and regulations

Submissions will be posted to the blog on Mondays. Deadline for submissions is April 30th. At this point, entries will be reviewed and judged by industry professionals. On May 15th, the top ten photos will then be displayed for two weeks, during which our blog readers will be able to vote for their favourite. This vote, in combination with the decision of our professionals, will determine the winners.

-Contest only open to residents of the GTA
-One photo per pet (or pets,if they are posing or playing together) so pick your best picture!
-Photos must contain pets only.
-When submitting, please include your pet's name(s).
-Photo's may be either professionally or personally shot, though copyrighted photos will not be accepted.
-Photos must be sent in .jpg format by email (click the envelope on the left of the blog) and once a photo is sent, you have given your consent to The Toronto Pet Daily to publish the photo on the blog or any other use associated with The Toronto Pet Daily..
-The Toronto Pet Daily reserves the right to refuse to publish any photos that are deemed inappropriate in nature.
-Winners will be announced on the blog on June 1st, 2010, at which point contact information will be confirmed for prize collection.

There you have of luck, and tell your friends (or don't, if you want to increase your chances of winning)!!!

**Please remember to tell us that the pictures are for the TORONTO contest!


  1. I can't access the email... what's the address please?

  2. Hi there send an email to I've received some today so it should be working :)

  3. how do i see the Niagara pet contest !! ..

  4. Go to :)